Engaging in interdisciplinary collaborative work through Challenge Teams

An innovative and exciting way that we promote cross-disciplinary training is through our Challenge Team training component.

Challenge Teams get together over course of the academic year to collaborate on projects which tackle a series of contemporary issues and translate research challenges. Around 8 teams are assigned group members drawn from across the cohorts and departments. Members are highly encouraged to bring their particular skills, knowledge, and expertise to the group project.

Why we have Challenge Teams

Climate and environmental change is unique in its threat and complexity.  As world leading researchers in this field, our students have an opportunity to make an impact highlighting the key issues and promoting the need for action among various audiences. Additionally, NERC have identified ‘Translating Research’ as a key skill that employers are seeking. 

Working across disciplines is an essential part of research. Being part of a team of researchers from multiple departments allows our students to create links with the possibility of exploring areas for collaboration.

Challenge Team Pictures