Olympic Park Challenge Team

About this Challenge Team

Data-driven engagement in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

This Challenge Team is working with the London Legacy Development Corporation to create a suite of communication tools and interfaces, using data collected in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to engage its visitors with sustainable practices. The team has identified air quality, solar insolation and visitor movement data as the most appealing to visitors, and is conducting a high-level statistical analysis of recorded datasets. Following this analysis, the team will conceptualize and pitch 3 communication tools, which can be integrated into the Park's data infrastructure and shared with visitors through its online portals or existing interfaces in the Park itself.

Team Members

Luciana Miu (Cohort 3)
Han Yuan (Cohort 3)
Sam Brooke (Cohort 1)
Habiba Daggash (Cohort 2)
Alex Hicken (Cohort 1)
Alex Hughes (Cohort 2)
Miklos Homolya (Cohort 1)
Hafeez Jeofry (Cohort 2)
Helen Lacey (Cohort 2)
Maral Mahlooji (Cohort 2)
Demetrius Lira Martins (Cohort 1)

Images of Olympic Park Team