About this Challenge Team

Our challenge team aims to engage school children in STEM subjects with the aim of encouraging more young people to pursue a career in this area. We aim to do this by showing the huge range of diversity in scientific careers, and in the type of people who work in science. This will be presented in the form of a booklet of pictures and first hand experiences from a range of scientists, which will be distributed to schools and young people. We also hope that this resource will be taken up by the Teen Tech charity, who’s aim is to encourage schools to engage with STEM subjects in the form of hands on training and an innovative competition for school children. 

Team Members

Robert Allen (Cohort 3)
Tom Smallwood (Cohort 2)
Cally Ham (Cohort 2)
Alastair Gregory (Cohort 1)
Shirin Hakim (Cohort 3)
Victoria Priestly (Cohort 3)
Sonia Tiedt (Cohort 2)
Nichar Gregory (Cohort 2)
Hannah Norman (Cohort 2)
Azucena Rodriguez Yebra (Cohort 1)
Natasha Trencham (Cohort 3)

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