Pint of Science

About this Challenge Team

The team are organised a Pint of Science festival event on a 'Planet Earth' theme which took place on the evenings of Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th May 2018. On each night the team hosted two speakers, a mini-pub quiz and other activities. 

Night 1: ‘Understanding Antarctica’. This night featured Tina van der Flierdt (ICL) talking about her recent expedition to Antarctica, and Martin Siegert (ICL) talking about ice sheets and how we study them. 

Night 2: ‘Hazards: From Space to Core’. This night featured Chiara Petrone (NHM) talking about the active volcano, Popocatépetl, and its associated hazards, as well as Jonathan Eastwood (ICL) talking about the ‘new hazard’ of space weather, and how it poses a threat to humans in the age of technology.

Night 3: ‘Blue Planet III’. This night featured Rob Deaville, who manages the UK Cetacean Stranding Investigation Programme at ZSL,  talking about the causes of whale strandings on the UK. We also had Ron Douglas (City Univ.) talking about vision and sexual reproduction at the bottom of the ocean.

Team Members

Lyster Sinead (cohort 4)
Daniel Kenna (cohort 4)
Peter Zheng (cohort 4)
Sophie Page (cohort 4)
Eirik Christensen (cohort 3)
Sarab Sethi (cohort 3)
Chris Ogden (cohort 3)
Habiba Daggash (cohort 3)
Jiajun Cen (cohort 2)
Alfio Chiarenza (cohort 2)
Gaia Stucky de Quay (cohort 1)
Patric Simoes Pereira (cohort 1)

Pint of Science in Action