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About this Challenge Team

Few things move us or distill complex emotions and stories like music. We believe music can be a powerful tool to communicate aspects of climate and environmental change and bring people together around these crises and their solutions. Our Challenge Team’s goal is to help produce music to that end, spotlighting both the urgency with which humanity needs to act on these issues and the hope that by doing so we can one day return to harmony with nature.

A new addition for the 2021-22 academic year, the Music of the Earth Challenge Team aims to collaborate with musicians (and/or composers and producers), researchers from Imperial’s community, the broader general public, and nature itself to produce songs and musical pieces that tell a story of our beautiful planet today, the threat it is under as a result of climate and environmental change, and the incredible work being done to mitigate these crises, preserve nature and deliver a sustainable future.

We are asking members of the public to submit audio (and/or possibly video*) clips of local nature that has meaning to them and/or that embody aspects of climate/environmental change and its solutions. A selection of these clips will be woven into and prominently featured in new, original music by members of Imperial’s extended community and partners. We aim to share the resulting pieces online and, if possible, at public events later in the year (potentially including live performances or listening parties).

We hope the music produced not only captures and preserves aspects of nature today, but also raises further awareness about the climate and environmental crises and their solutions. Perhaps more importantly, we additionally hope the pieces can be a source of optimism and emotional resonance in the face of crises that can threaten our mental wellbeing as well as the physical world around us.

Want to be involved?
We are accepting sound-clip submissions from early February via the form below.
*Please note: (i) We may accept video clips featuring audio (i.e. footage of the nature-based sound source), and (ii) We will aim to feature as many of the sound/audio clips as possible, but may not be able to select all submissions. Full details of the submission formats and requirements will be provided in the form.
Submissions Form link:
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Get in touch!
If you would like to say hi, ask questions, or get involved in some other capacity (especially if you are a musician/composer/producer), please get in touch via email at or on social media at the details below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Follow us on social media for updates on the project:
Twitter - @SSCPEarthMusic
Instagram - @sscp.musicoftheearth

Team Members

  • Mark Boyd (Cohort 8)
  • Mahika Dixit (Cohort 8)
  • Tanith Hackney (Cohort 8)
  • Josh Lanham (Cohort 8)
  • Neel Le Penru (Cohort 8) - team captain
  • Shawn Lee (Cohort 8)
  • Georgie Massen (Cohort 8)
  • Fangjun Peng (Cohort 8)
  • Beltran Sajonia-Coburgo-Gotha (Cohort 7)
  • Ric Zhang (Cohort 7)