Across the various Departments, Institutes, Centres and Research sections in the Imperial Faculty of Medicine there are ~400 clinicians undertaking clinical PhD/MD (Res) programmes.  To complement the support provided already by each local setting, the Clinical Academic Training Office acts as central information hub for guiding fellows as they undertake PhD programmes, advance through their clinical academic careers and move into further research fellowships. 

As the central hub for this group of academic clinicians, CATO provides a number of bespoke activities and resources, and highlights and directs fellows to additional support and resources provided by other Imperial College services and teams.  CATO works with Research Degree Managers and other administrative colleagues working in the local settings to communicate the support and opportunities available. All activities and advice delivered by CATO are provided in addition to support and information provided by each department/location; and Clinical PhD Fellows should ensure that in the first instance they meet all relevant guidelines in their student handbooks, induction and other expectations in their local setting.