Dates for Academic year 2020/2021

  • Wednesday 15 JULY 2020
  • Wednesday 14 OCTOBER 2020
  • Wednesday 13 JANUARY 2021
  •  Wednesday 03 MARCH 2021
  •  Wednesday 26 MAY 2021
  •  Wednesday 21 JULY 2021

 image 3This VLE (formerly WebCT) course is based on our Introduction to Statistics Using SPSS and Data Management & Statistical Analysis Using SPSS courses. Please note that you do not need to have attended the Introduction course in order to access the on-line course. You also need no prior SPSS experience.The existing Introduction course materials were revised and extended to include different subject areas. The walkthroughs show how to do certain tasks in SPSS software. The walkthroughs can be followed while going through the theory.

There are two parallel sets of walkthroughs; one with a medical theme and one with an engineering theme. There are 73 walkthroughs in total. The resource includes 76 exercises at different levels of complexity.

Subject areas include agriculture, automotive, biology, education, environment and health science. Most of the exercises have a self assessment quiz.

Please note that you will need you own SPSS software to be able to take the course.

Course Tutor: Joseph Eliahoo

How is the course organised?

A new group of students joins the course every 2 months. SPSS On-Line imageYou have unlimited access to all materials plus Tutor support.

If you have any queries you can post a message at any time in the Discussion section in which the Tutor or any fellow student can respond. Alternatively, you can post a private message to the Tutor (mail section in Blackboard VLE).

1 whole month of Unlimited Access

Imperial students and staff - £170.00 - please complete the Internal Booking Form SPSS On-Line image 2

Non-Imperial College applicants - £270.00 - please complete the External Booking Form

Previous SPSS course participants - please contact for a discounted rate.

Please note: You are required to make payment in order to register for the course.

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