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The College does not provide a standard relocation package; however, reimbursement of reasonable relocation expenses may be made to new academic and senior academic-related staff members whose initial appointment is for three years or more. Staff will only be reimbursed for items authorised in advance by the Head of Department/Division/School/Institute and in line with the Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) rules and regulations. For more information, please read the College’s full relocation expenses policy.

You may wish to conduct an internet search of international relocation companies and obtain a selection of price quotations for removals.

Most animals will need an animal passport to be brought to the UK. This website provides all the necessary information about moving different animals to the UK.

The best place to get a pet passport is from the vet (if living in an EU country or other country that issues pet passports); otherwise, you can apply for it through the Government website, where you will find further information about moving pets to the UK.