What are Imperial Essentials, and why do I need to complete them?

Imperial Essentials training cover the critical areas of safety, information security and the working environment for all core staff to equip them with the information and awareness of their responsibilities and expected behaviours whilst working at the College.

What Imperial Essentials training do I need to complete as a new starter?

All College staff are required to complete the following six Imperial Essentials training courses:

  • Data Protection - (Approximate time to complete: 90 minutes)
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion at Imperial - (Approximate time to complete: 60 minutes)
  • Fire Safety and Awareness training - (Approximate time to complete: 90 minutes)
  • Information Security Awareness - (Approximate time to complete: 60 minutes)
  • Month One Safety Training (MOST) - (Approximate time to complete: 90 minutes)
  • Safeguarding at Imperial College London - (Approximate time to complete: 90 minutes)

These courses can be accessed from the Imperial Essentials web page.
Please note that specific roles/staff groups may have additional ‘compliance’ training to complete as part of their roles which will be managed locally.

What happens if I cannot complete all the required Essentials training in my first six months?

Please discuss any mitigating circumstances with your line manager.
Successful completion of your probation and any related pay increment may be delayed until all the required training has been completed.
This will depend on individual circumstances.

What Imperial Essentials training do I need to complete as an existing member of staff?

Each of the Imperial Essentials courses (except Month One Safety Training (MOST), which only needs to be undertaken once) will need to be completed every two years. This is to ensure that your knowledge and understanding is up to date.
You can check if your training is up to date on the Imperial Essentials dashboard.

How do I know what training I’ve already completed and when?

Everyone can access their compliance training records from the Imperial Essentials dashboard.
Local departments; Senior Managers, admin and data specialist roles have been given access to a dashboard with the compliance records of their departments.
If you are a manager and have any queries related to your team training records, please contact your relevant department representative(s) from the Departmental contacts list (shown on the left-hand side of this page).

How do I book the training?

All Imperial Essentials courses can be completed online and accessed via the Imperial Essentials web page.

I am very busy and don’t have time to do this training?

New starters: It takes approximately one day to complete all six compliance training courses. You have six months to complete the required training. You can spread this out or complete it in one go. Managers have been made aware of their responsibility to provide you with the time and support to complete the training.

Existing staff: You only need to complete the courses you took more than two years ago (See the Imperial Essentials dashboard to check your training status).
Please discuss with your line manager or HR partner if you have any issues.

How will Imperial Essentials be monitored?

Regular reports on training compliance across each Faculty and Directorate will be presented to President’s Board on a termly basis.
Audit and Risk Committee are also monitoring the compliance training gaps.
The Provost and HR Director are the senior sponsors of Imperial Essentials.

I am a line manager and one of my team has not completed all the Imperial Essentials courses. What do I need to do?

Please discuss this with your team member to understand if there are extenuating circumstances.

For staff in their first six months, Line managers must alert the Staff Hub via the Probation Review form or a simple email to staffhub@imperial.ac.uk if a new starter has not completed the training.

How accurate are the training records on the dashboard?

The accuracy of training records depends on the correct CID numbers being provided by staff when taking the courses assessments. There have been instances where incorrect numbers have been entered, and the completed training cannot be identified.
If you have entered your College ID incorrectly, please get in touch with the compliance topic owner (List shown on the left-hand side of this page), who may be able to recover the training record.
When taking an end of course online assessment, your results will be automatically emailed to you. We recommend you save these emails in case there is an issue with your training records on the Imperial Essentials dashboard.
In some instances, you may need to retake the training.

Why can’t I find my Imperial Essentials training records on ICIS?

The different training courses of Imperial Essentials sits across multiple platforms, and not all of them automatically upload to ICIS.
Therefore the records on ICIS will not reflect all completed training unless it is manually entered.

Compliance Topic Owners

Compliance topicTopic ownerContact
Fire Safety  Darran Hickey  d.hickey@imperial.ac.uk
Safeguarding  Olivia Coster  o.coster@imperial.ac.uk
EDIC (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)  Gabriella Kerr-Gordon  g.kerr-gordon@imperial.ac.uk
MOST  Safety training team  safetytraining@imperial.ac.uk
Information Security  Okan Kibaroglu  o.kibaroglu@imperial.ac.uk
Data Security  Robert Scott  r.scott@imperial.ac.uk
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