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Guidance for staff

As a College employee you are required to provide details of a National Insurance (NI) number.  If you are a UK citizen you would have been given an NI number at age 16.  If you are from overseas and have not previously obtained an NI number you are legally obliged to apply for this number and to register for NI purposes on commencing employment with the College (unless you are an EU worker and qualify for an exemption under the E101 National Insurance (NI) arrangements detailed below). NI contributions are deducted automatically from every employee’s earnings.

An NI number is a personal number issued by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and is used:

a) To record a person’s NI contributions and credited contributions;
b) As a reference number for the whole social security system.

New staff should supply their NI number as soon as possible after commencement of employment. Failure to do so may result in salary payments being temporarily suspended until the College is in receipt of this information.

Exemption under E101 National Insurance (NI) arrangements

If you are a European Union (EU) worker you will be entitled to E101 National Insurance (NI) arrangements. The E101 certificate, which should be obtained before you come to the UK, applies across the whole of the European Community and allows you to remain insured (for NI purposes) in your home country when you are sent to work temporarily in another EU state. A successful application means that you can continue paying National Insurance Contributions (NICs) in your home country and do not also have to pay NICs in the UK.

If you do not hold the E101 certificate you will be required to register for a National Insurance number and pay National Insurance contributions on the same basis as an individual who normally lives and works in the UK.

Applying for a National Insurance Number

Please view our web page for further information.