Safety and Security

Person's hands wearing safety gloves in laboratory Complete the College Day One Health and Safety Induction Form. You should also refer to the Day One Health and Safety Induction Guidance when doing this.  Departments and Divisions may have supporting documentation: please check your departmental/divisional website.
Please note that a new staff member will not obtain their ID card without providing the completed checklist.

Make new staff and students aware of:

Their safety responsibilities under the College Safety Management System.

The local arrangements, organisation and support for health, safety and environment (including recycling and waste disposal) in their Department/Division. Line Managers should also run through any Codes of Practice/Local Rules.

  • Highlight the Occupational Health Department computer workstation, set up a checklist that the new member of staff must complete and advise them that they must inform the Dept DSE Assessor of any adverse findings. The Dept/Division should retain the checklist as per their local procedures.
  • Determine Safety-related training needs for new staff members. The safety training required must be relevant to the Job Description. A list of training courses and booking details are available on the Safety training web pages.
  • If your Department/Division requires additional safety induction for specific areas, i.e. labs, workshops or certain facilities, ensure this is completed as described in the Department/Divisional procedures.
  • Ensure that the new staff member knows the following:
    • The following substances must not be brought onto the site: radioactive substances, hazardous and or genetically modified pathogens, explosive or otherwise hazardous substances until approval has been granted (locally by your Safety Officer and centrally by the Safety Department).
    • For high-risk activities such as work with lasers, animals, insects, ionising radiation, hazardous pathogens or genetically modified organisms, work must not begin until the new starter has attended a centrally-run training session(s) in the College and has been registered for this type of work, and risk.

Security ID card

The ID card/Access Control office can be collected at the South Kensington location (Opening times are posted on their web page). This can be done at a later time of employment; check your local arrangements. Your new starter will need to take with them:

  • Their CID number
  • contract of employment
  • signed Day One Health and Safety Induction Form

A photo will be taken at this point in a safe manner.