The return process for home students begins six weeks before you are due to return or 13 weeks for international students. Your department will send an email to both your College and personal email addresses.  You will need to log into My Imperial and confirm whether you are coming back on the anticipated return date. You will then be able to confirm the date you are planning to come back, ask for an extension of your interruption or withdraw from your studies. 

Returning from a health interruption

If you have interrupted for health reasons, we will ask you to download the Fit to Return to Studies form template which will need to be completed by your doctor / medical professional. This form will serve as medical documentation to show that you are fit to return to your studies. We normally require you to book a medical assessment at least four weeks before you are due to return, but check with your doctor or other healthcare provider about how long they need to see you and provide a report.

You will not be able to re-enrol onto your programme until you have provided satisfactory documentation that you shows are fit to study. Please note that you will need to provide officially certified English translations of documents that are not in English. If you have interrupted for any other reason, you will not need to provide more information, but your department may arrange a call with you to discuss your situation and offer additional support if needed.

Re-enrolling on your programme

Your student status will usually change to “eligible to re-enrol” 30 days before you are due to return, which means you can access My Imperial and complete your re-enrolment. Your Senior Tutor, supervisor or Programme Director will be able to help guide you through the process of re-enrolling as a student and answer any questions you might have. For undergraduate and postgraduate taught students, as part of your return your department will also have a discussion with you about the modules you will be registered on (both core and elective) as well as how coursework may be carried forward.

International student and College accommodation guidance

Additional guidance for international students

If you are an international student and you have interrupted your studies for longer than 60 days, you will need to apply for a new visa to return to your studies. We recommend that you start this process early, which is why we will send you an email reminder 13 weeks in advance of your intended return date. 

If you need an ATAS certificate for your course, you should apply for this in good time. You can find more information and guidance on our ATAS page. Please note that you cannot be issued with a new CAS or make a visa application without this. 

Once you have your ATAS clearance or if it is not required, please email to request a CAS. 

See our full guidance to help you to prepare for your new visa application.  

College accommodation

If you took a break during your first academic year and stayed in College halls of residence for the first term only (or less), you can apply for a place in halls upon your return. We cannot guarantee this, so you shouldcheck our vacancies page.  

If you took your interruption of studies during your first academic year and stayed in College halls of residence beyond the first term, we cannot offer you a place in halls when you return.  

If you are unsure of your eligibility, please discuss with your Senior Tutor or equivalent, or contact us with your query including your College ID number at

Frequently asked questions

You can find answers to frequently asked questions below or alternatively you can contact the Student Hub advisors, who can provide further advice and support about returning from your interruption and settling back into student life.

Frequently asked questions

The College has a Student Support Fund which is there to help you if you are experiencing financial difficulties. We can help you with advice and working out a plan on how to prevent financial issues in the future. This includes how to manage your money and budget efficiently, and other money saving tips. For more information contact the Student Financial Support Team.

All students have access to the Student Counselling and Mental Health Advice Service. You can get in touch by completing our online registration form

More immediate support is also available to you via your departments Wellbeing Advisors/Welfare Officer

We also have a large library of resources available to you as well as workshops and events

During the return process you will get a chance to notify us if you used to receive a bursary before your interruption. We will pass this information to the Bursary team who will then reinstate your payments for the remaining duration of the bursary.

If you are a PhD student and have a College or departmental scholarship, please contact your department directly as they will be able to provide more information.

If you had to start paying council tax during your interruption you can request a new exemption letter after you return. Please get in touch with the Student Hub for further information.

Yes, when you resume your studies you will be able to re-apply for the 18+ Oyster Card. Make sure you have fully re-enrolled at the time of your application to avoid delays. Please also ensure that the details you enter on the application form match those on your student record, including your full name, as otherwise your application may be rejected.