On this page, you can find out about the training and support for doctoral students available across College. This is to help you be able to signpost your students to the resources that best suit their individual needs.

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Professional Skills Development

Professional Skills Development

Doctoral students at Imperial are required to complete professional development skills training via the Graduate School to meet the requirements of their ESA and LSR.

The Graduate School has prepared some Advice on Graduate School Course Selection for supervisors to support students to select the most appropriate courses in the Professional Development Programme.

View the programmes and courses available:

  • Research Communication - Support doctoral students with strategies and tips to become more efficient in communicating their research.
  • Research Impact – Equips students with knowledge and skills to help maximise the impact of their research.
  • Research Integrity – Provides doctoral students with key skills for managing their research with digital tools, whilst ensuring their research integrity.
  • Professional Effectiveness – Allows students to understand their working preferences and strengths and improves their ability to deal with research challenges and manage the research process.
  • Professional Progression - Equips doctoral students with the tools they need when considering the next stage in their career.
  • Research Computing & Data Science – Covers key skills in research computing and data science which will enable your students to complete their research successfully and effectively.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) Programme - Training and support for postgraduate researchers who are engaged as Graduate Teaching Assistants at Imperial.
  • Online Courses – Includes courses on plagiarism awareness, copyright and licencing, IP, Python and information security awareness.
Sources of support for students

Sources of support for students