The Graduate School's Postgraduate student coaching programme has been established to provide you with an opportunity to talk, independently from your academic department, about challenges you may be experiencing during the course of your studies. The programme primarily focuses on building effective working relationships and there may be other self-development issues that you wish to explore.

Our coaching philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is about placing you at the heart of the coaching conversation.  We aim to help you consider all options and empower you to make an informed decision, with confidence, about the next steps.   

Our purpose

Our purpose is to create a safe space in which you can openly talk about your experiences.  Through coaching, we will help you to explore choices and perspectives, without fear of being judged. 

Our process

Each coach has their own particular approach and style.  However, all  the coaching team will listen empathetically and ask you questions designed to help you reflect on potential solutions and choose the best way forward for you.    We will also signpost you to support services, where these are needed.  You can find out more about each coach and their personal approaches to coaching by reading their biography. 


To register your interest in the Graduate School postgraduate student coaching programme, please email the Director of the Postgraduate Student Coaching Programme, Elena Forasacco ( Please let her know your name, CID and a brief description (no more than 200 words) of the topic/issue you would like to explore.  This is to match you with an appropriate coach and to clarify whether coaching can meet your needs.  If you have a preference for which coach you would like to be partnered with, please do say.