Lost and found

Reuniting you with your lost property whenever we can

Losing your possessions can be a stressful and worrying time so we want to help in reuniting you with your things wherever we can. Whilst we're not able to accept liability for any items lost or stolen, we will work with you to try and get things back. If you lose something or you believe something has been stolen, contact the Security team immediately - we can then advise you on what to do next. If you find any items that you believe are lost, please hand this in to your nearest Security office.

How do I reclaim my lost property?

  • Items should be reclaimed from Security Control in Sherfield Building, Room 108.
  • We'll need to ask you a few questions about the item(s) to ensure it's yours.
  • Remember to bring your ID card or other photographic ID.
  • When you reclaim an item, you will need to sign a declaration to show you have received it.

How long will lost property be held?

We store lost items that are handed in to us, but we aren't able to hold things indefinitely. Depending on the nature of the item, we will hold it for between one and six months.

  • Clothing and low-value items - 1 month
  • Books or stationary - 1 month
  • Jewellery, electronics or high-value items - 6 months

When we're not able to reunite lost property with it's owner, the item will either be donated to a registered charity or disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.