Introduction from Head of Community Safety and Support, George Wrigley


It gave me great pleasure to start at Imperial College, an institution that delivers some of the best higher education and research worldwide.

By way of introduction, I can say my background is in policing but these last 10 years I have worked in the world of “Security”, leading on security and safety at the Natural History Museum and in Higher Education, University of Birmingham and now Imperial College. To reassure those in “support roles” I have also been responsible for functions such as ID cards, Car parking and similar services that are required to support the business operations.

Experience tells us that the world of safety and security is transitioning, the threats and demands for service are complex and we serve not only one of the best educational institutions in the world but also one of the most diverse. Our service needs to be relevant, quality, and modern; underpinning Imperial College values and enabling its mission.

When making decisions I always strive to put students at the heart of decision-making and what we do, working together as teams and in partnership with our colleagues across the College. We are here to help and must take responsibility when assistance is sought, after all we can be the first person at an incident or last option for someone in need.

In terms of operation and resilience, there is a lot to understand and orientate myself about. My experience tells me that good service and teamwork is based on “in house” staff who are dedicated, professional, and wanting to learn and develop themselves. To deliver we need leadership, tools to do the job, and empowerment.

Thanks for taking your time to read this and I look forward to working with you and meeting you.


George Wrigley

Head of Community Safety and Support