Essential information for MRes students

MRes student handbooks

The Departmental Student Handbook is issued to you at the start of the course and an electronic version can be downloaded below. The handbook contains very important information for your academic life, and also for your life in College outside of work; please read it as soon as possible after you receive it so that if an event or circumstance arises, you know what action to take, or at least know that the information on what action to take is available to you.

Included in the handbook are information on what to do if you run into difficulties affecting your academic or personal life (such as illness), departmental and College contacts and resources available to you and information on the structure and content of the degree programme.

The information in the handbook was correct at the time of going to printing. Students should be aware that occasionally changes have to be made. Keep an eye on the website, and check your emails regularly for updates.

Programme administration

The Department schedules coursework to spread student workload over the term as much as possible, and to avoid conflicting deadlines. However, there will be times when coursework deadlines are closer to each other - especially towards the end of each term.

The coursework deadlines are usually posted on Blackboard in advance so that you can plan your work effectively and avoid any work crises. If you are expected to submit coursework for options you take in other departments, you should find out what the coursework deadlines are for these - they will not be shown here.

Even though effort is put into specifying deadlines in advance as much as possible, there may be occasions when it is necessary to change coursework deadlines. The Dept will attempt to warn you of any changes as far in advance as possible.

Information about programme administration including timetables and coursework deadlines

Taking courses

Research students in Bioengineering may audit (sit in on but not be assessed for) any UG/MSc courses offered by the department (subject to approval by your supervisor and space on the course).

A link to all of the UG/MSc courses running in the department can be found on our programme administration page.

Help, advice and feedback

We take the welfare of our students very seriously indeed and will try to provide all the help that we can if you encounter problems of any sort.

If you have any difficulties, either with your research or with personal matters, the natural first contact would be your supervisor, but if for any reason you would prefer not to talk with your supervisor, you can contact the Postgraduate Tutor, Rob Krams, or complete a Confidential report form to submit to the Postgraduate Tutor. The research student reps are also happy to receive comments or suggestions.

Outside the Department, the College provides extensive services for health, counselling, English language support, etc., details of which can be found on the Student Space website.

If there is anything you would prefer not to discuss with Departmental staff, the Academic Registrar is available to discuss academic matters and the College tutors are available to discuss personal matters.