Essential information for MRes students


The student handbook for your programme is provided in electronic format at the start of the course and can be downloaded below.

The handbook contains important information to support you during your time in the Department, from key resources available and how to navigate difficulties affecting your academic or personal life to details of the degree programme and beyond. Please familiarise yourself with the contents of the handbook as soon as possible.

Programme Information


Information on you programme structure, marking schemes, assignments and deadlines are posted on Blackboard. The Department will notify you of any changes to your assignment timeline as far in advance as possible.

Elective Module Selection 

You are automatically enrolled for all core modules but must choose your electives. Details of how to make your elective module selections have been sent to you.

See also the Timetables tab of this page for Autumn teaching timetables showing core modules and all available electives.


Whether related to academic or personal matters, there are a number of sources of support available to you from both within and outside the Department.

Learn more about what's available across the broader College at the Student Support Zone website, where you'll find resources to support mental‌ and physical health, financial needsEnglish language ability and beyond.

View the list of key contacts in the next tab to learn more about who is here to help in the Department.


In addition to your supervisor, the below key contacts are here to support you during your time as an MRes student.

Course directors:

Student representatives:

  • Zack Bailey, MRes Bioengineering
  • Victoria Blazeby, MRes Cancer Technology
  • Dristi Lalwani Shahani, MRes Medical Device Design & Entrepreneurship
  • Ji Huang, MRes Neurotechnology

Administrative support:

  • Krisztina Lackoi, Postgraduate Research Student Programmes Manager
  • Kate Hobson (additional support for MRes Neurotechnology only), Centre for Neurotechnology Manager

Further support:

College support:


‌Teaching timetables

Your timetables will vary depending on which electives you select and your own personalised timetable will be viewable via your PC or mobile device once you have selected your electives. 

To help you choose electives, you can view the pdf timetables below for the Autumn term.  These show 1) the core modules for your programme, and 2) a view of all possible combinations of electives, with with core modules highlighted.  Spring timetables will be available later.

Core modules for Autumn term
Elective modules for Autumn term (timetable shows all electives available to select plus core modules highlighted)

Please note:

  • not all combinations of electives are possible and some may clash with core modules. Ideally you should not choose an elective that clashes with a core module, but if this is unavoidable, you must prioritise the core module and attend it live, and catch up with clashing elective sessions via panopto
  • the timetables above currently show some duplicates where a class will be divided into individual study groups


On this page you can find links to useful information on mitigating circumstances. Please send mitigation forms to the student office mailbox:


Autumn 2021 term notice

Your course will begin on schedule in the Autumn. Your teaching will be a combination of on-campus (in-person) and remote (online) learning and research opportunities. We call this ‘multi-mode’ delivery. Please see details below:

Almost all lectures will be delivered remotely on MS Teams apart from Principles of Biomedical Imaging. Half of the cohort will attend these lectures in person, whilst the other half of the cohort will work from MS Teams and then you will rotate the on campus/MS Teams attendance every other week.

Study Groups and Journal Clubs (Frontiers) will be held in person on the South Kensington Campus. You will be split into small groups for these sessions.

Computer Labs will run remotely for most modules apart from Statistical and Computational Methods for Research which will be held in South Kensington.

Personal tutorials will be held in person whenever possible on the South Kensington or White City Campus.
Staff – GTAs leading the study group sessions are still to be updated and are subject to change.

The Spring term schedule is still to be confirmed and will be shared with you at the latter end of the Autumn term. Your personal schedules including the specific study/lab/tutorial groups will be shared with you before the start of term.

We are looking forward to seeing you in person. If you can’t travel to campus in time for the start of the academic year, you should immediately contact the Department at

For more information about multi-mode delivery and the steps we are taking to keep you safe on campus, please see our COVID-19 information for applicants and offer holders page.