The MRes in Cancer Technology will equip you with skills to address tomorrow’s challenges in cancer using state-of-the-art technologies and physical sciences/mathematical approaches.

This course embodies a multi-disciplinary approach that:

  • Provides a critical understanding of the fundamentals of cancer progression and current challenges in cancer management
  • Enables students to apply their knowledge of engineering, physics, and mathematics to solving challenges in cancer through a nine-month cross-disciplinary research project
  • Develops research and analytical skills related to bioengineering in cancer and to effectively communicate results through oral and written scientific formats
  • Trains students to effectively communicate with oncologists, cancer biologists, clinicians and researchers
  • Prepare students for demanding careers or PhD programmes at the interface of cancer and bioengineering

The course builds on the Department of Bioengineering’s diverse strengths in this area in addition to our collaborations with our world-leading partner, the Institute of Cancer Research