The committee is responsible for assessing data strategy/governance within Surgery and Cancer and helping to implement College plans and policies. It will also highlight DSG risks to the Department and engage with College services for solutions. 

20/21 Goals:

  • To increase GDPR training compliance

  • To assess Research Data Privacy compliance 

  • To increase awareness of Research Data Privacy Impact Assessment requirement, Secure Enclaves for data, and considerations for data sharing with EU and elsewhere post-Brexit

  • To assist in the implementation of best practice in data collection and storage

  • To assist in the implementation of best practice in data sharing and discussion 

  • Develop Departmental Data Strategy & Governance Sharepoint Site

Committee membership

Committee Members

Charlotte Bevan Division of Cancer
Elsa Paul Department of Surgery & Cancer
Carmen Aguirre Hernandez Division of Cancer 
Philip Badman Division of Cancer
Fernando Bello Division of Cancer
Laki Buluwela Division of Cancer
Sandrine Rendel Division of Cancer
Richard Abel Division of Surgery
Sarah Jones PhD Representative
Olga Kostopoulou Division of Surgery
Daqing Ma Division of APMIC
Mahsa Mazidi Division of Surgery 
Safa Salim PhD representative
David Pinato Division of Cancer
Karen Pontifex Department of Surgery & Cancer
Tyson Harcombe Department of Surgery & Cancer
Paul Strutton Division of Surgery
Kirill Veselkov Division of Cancer
Nick Wood Faculty of Medicine Centre
Benjie Coleman Department of Surgery & Cancer
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