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Section Lead
Professor Michael Seckl 

The Cancer Clinical Trials (CCT), through its close association with the Imperial Clinical Trials Unit, Imperial Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre and Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre provides a core accredited environment to develop and conduct cancer clinical trials led from Imperial College. With a major focus on precision medicine and proof of concept clinical trials, the Cancer Clinical Trials currently undertakes studies in the phase Ib to phase III space across multiple sites of disease.  The cancer trial portfolio exploits the research expertise in our Department to enable trials that include new and exciting imaging modalities, translational research initiatives and innovative study designs as they evolve.

What we do

The CCT provides a comprehensive service to support potential clinical principal investigators in the process of clinical trial development from concept to trial design, robust peer review, to synopsis and protocol, as well as statistical support, trials, costings, application preparation then submission and subsequently successful trial set-up. 

The CCT has successfully developed and run late phase multinational breast cancer for over 25 years, under the academic leadership of Professor Charles Coombes. The remit of the CCT has been extended to include all phases of drug development across multiple sites of disease (breast, gastrointestinal, gynaecological and brain). Our recent trial development also extends the International Collaborative Cancer Group (ICCG) concept in breast cancer to ovarian cancer via the European Network for Translational Research in Ovarian Cancer (EUTROC).

Organisation of our team

Our team includes a number of clinical trial managers, statisticians, clinical trial coordinators, monitors, data managers and clinical trial administrators who advise upon, manage, co-ordinate and run clinical trials to the highest quality and scientific standard. They are supported by academics via the Oversight Committee, which consists of senior academics within the Division of Cancer (see below).

Active trials:

  • CUPem | Recruiting | A Phase II; Two-Stage Trial of Pembrolizumab in Cancer of Unknown Primary 
  • DICE | Recruiting | An international multi-centre, randomised phase II study to assess the efficacy of TAK228 in combination with intravenous weekly paclitaxel compared with weekly paclitaxel alone in women with advanced/recurrent epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer (of clear cell, endometrioid and high grade serous type, and carcinosarcoma)
  • EBLIS | Follow Up | A study to identify biomarkers which offer a lead interval between predicted relapse and overt disease in post-operative, post-treatment breast cancer patients.
  • MALIBO | Recruiting | Development and application of MAchine Learning In whole Body MRI with diffusion weighted imaging in the staging Oncology patients.
  • MICROBIOME | Recruiting | A first in human, phase 1 safety study in two parts to determine the safety, tolerability and anti-cancer immuno-modulatory effects of MRx0518 in patients with solid tumours awaiting surgical removal of the tumour. 
  • MROC | Recruiting | Multiparametric MRI and CT in staging and treatment planning for women with ovarian cancer.
  • NOVEL | Set up | Nonavalent prophylactic HPV vaccine (GARDASIL9) after local conservative treatment for cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia: a randomised controlled trial.

Closed trials:

  • ALERT | Closed | A phase II study of alternating eribulin and hormonal therapy in pre-treated ER+ positive breast cancer.
  • BSMS | Closed | A study to help improve how doctors look for and monitor breast cancer
  • IRIS | Closed | A phase II study to assess the safety and efficacy of the steroid sulfatase inhibitor Irosustat, in combination with aromatase inhibition, in ER positive locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer patients.
  • IPET | Closed | A phase II window study to access the efficacy of a novel steroid sulfatase inhibitor: Irosustat in postmenopausal women with ER+ve early untreated breast cancer.
  • SLNM | Closed | Near Infrared laparoscopy for intraoperative lymphatic mapping and sentinel node identification during standard surgical resection for early stage colonic neoplasia.
  • REACT | Closed | A phase III multicentre double blind trial of Celecoxib versus placebo, following chemotherapy in primary breast cancer patients.
  • RADICAL  | Closed | A single arm phase IIa study (with combination safety run-in) to assess the safety and efficacy of AZD4547 in combination with either anastrozole or letrozole, in ER positive breast cancer patients, who have progressed on treatment with anastrozole or letrozole.




  • Philip Badman: Clinical Trials Operations Manager
  • Lee Webber: Deputy Clinical Trials Operations Manager
  • Anna Nikopoulou: Clinical Trial Coordinator
  • Xiao Lou Lu: Clinical Trial Coordinator
  • Stefan Lewandowski: Clinical Trial Coordinator
  • Ayushi Pabari: Clinical Trial Coordinator
  • Amanda Bigault: Clinical Trial Coordinator
  • Aaron Clarke: Clinical Trial Monitor 
  • Jingky Pamesa Lozano-Kuehne: Clinical Trials Statistician
  • Marta Szajna: Clinical Trial and Data Administrator
  • Shian  Anim-Burton: Clinical Trial and Data Administrator


Oversight committee

Francesca Fiorentino


Francesca Fiorentino
Research Fellow / Clinical Trials Statistician

Jingky Pamesa Lozano-Kuehne


Jingky Pamesa Lozano-Kuehne
Research Fellow - Clinical Trials Statistician

Naina Patel


Naina Patel
CRUK Core Resource Manager

Emily Pickford


Emily Pickford

Harpreet Wasan

Harpreet Wasan

Harpreet Wasan
Reader in Oncology