Clinical staff in the operating theatre

Our interdisciplinary work ethos drives cutting-edge science and innovation to address issues directly affecting patient care

The strategic goal of the Division of Surgery is to improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgical treatment of disease through the transfer of technology into clinical practice. This is being achieved by harnessing Imperial College’s interdisciplinary research strengths and by bringing together clinicians, engineers, designers, and policy makers to create highly innovative solutions across seven broad themes.

Precision surgery remains a key cross-cutting theme. This describes the coupling of established clinical–pathological indexes with state-of-the-art molecular profiling to create diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic strategies precisely tailored to each patient's requirements. Our research is delivering tangible examples of precision for the modern operating room.

We also host the Healthcare Professional Academic Group (HPAG), the Imperial hub for research, led by clinical academics in the healthcare professions outside of medicine.

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