Professor Paris Tekkis
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
rd floor , Academic Surgery 

What we do

Fully committed in academic surgery with a clinical interest in robotic colorectal, pelvic floor and pelvic exenteration surgery for malignant and inflammatory bowel disease.

Why it is important

The research focuses on five key topics of colorectal surgery. These include:

  • colorectal cancer/ anal cancer (early cancer, primary advanced and recurrent cancer )
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • diverticular disease
  • the pelvic floor
  • minimally invasives surgery

For each topic, researchers are paired together to engage in cross-platform deliverables which include translational research, evidence based medicine, surgical quality and epidemiology, surgical technology and teaching as shown in the flow chart below. The research model marries clinical excellence, innovation and education within an environment that nurtures multidisciplinary collaboration, openness, mutual respect and strong ethical standards.

Summary of current research

  • Validation of diagnostic, prognostic, predictive and surveillance biomarkers for early and advanced colorectal cancer
  • Validation of diagnostic, prognostic, predictive and surveillance biomarkers for anal cancer
  • 3D modelling of Gastrointestinal Tract: surgical planning, surgical training, patient participation and education
  • Datasets and Registries in colorectal and anal cancer
  • Simulation for surgical education in colorectal pathologies

Additional information


  • CRUK
  • Imperial BRC
  • Royal Marsden BRC
  • Royal Marsden Charity
  • Chelsea Westminster Charity
  • Red Trousers Charity 

For patients

PhD students

  1. Lisa Ramage (MD): Thesis title: Diagnostic strategies in pelvic floor disorders.
  2. Dan Baird (MD): Modern Multimodality Model of Care for Locally Advanced Primary (LAP) and Recurrent Rectal Cancer (RRC).
  3. Anna Przedlacka (MD): Advances in information technology in colorectal pelvic surgery for malignant and benign pathology – use of 3D imaging-simulation and large dataset registries.
  4. Thomas Grove (MD): Optimising Pre-Operative Assessment and Management in Complex Abdominal Wall Hernias .
  5. Zena Rokan (MD) : An MRI Staging System to Optimise the Management and Outcomes of Patients with Locally Advanced Primary or Recurrent Pelvic Colorectal Cancer.
  6. Nigel Day ( MD): Imaging assessment and the role of extra-nodal tumour deposits in local and peritoneal metastases for Colorectal Cancer .
  1. Sheng Qiu (PhD); Thesis title: Neurotensin as a biomarker for colorectal neoplasia.
  2. Stella Nikolaou(PhD): Thesis title: Expression pattern and clinicopathological relevance of Neurotensin and its receptors in colorectal cancer .

Our researchers