School Management Committee

Welcome to our School Management Committee (SMC). At the heart of our educational institution, the SMC plays a pivotal role in shaping the vision, policies, and overall governance that drive our school's success. Comprising dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds, the committee brings a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure that our school operates efficiently, transparently, and in the best interest of our students and the entire school community. 

Head of Department

Meet Professor Robert Shorten, our distinguished Head of Department, known for his commitment to excellence in teaching, outreach, research, and translation. Professor Shorten leads with a forward-thinking approach, emphasising the importance of asking meaningful questions and setting the pace rather than following it. Under his leadership, our department offers a truly unique and robust curriculum, focusing on the co-design of technology and behaviours, blending creativity with rigour across disciplines including Technology, Business, Behaviours, Law, Design, and Mathematics. Our department tackles challenges that truly impact society, driving the digital transformation of both our society and businesses.

Deputy Head of Department 

Introducing Professor Pierre Pinson, our Deputy Head of Department and Chair in Data-centric Design Engineering, a key figure in our department's leadership. Pierre excels in overseeing multiple facets of our department and plays a vital role in shaping our department's future by ensuring a strategic and collaborative approach that benefits our entire community. His expertise contributes to our department's workload management, maintains efficient departmental documentation, and ensures that academic policies are audited. 

Director of Inclusive Practice

Introducing Dr Pelin Demirel, our Director of Inclusive Practice, and Senior Lecturer, who brings a fresh perspective to our school community. Pelin embraces our school's strengths, including the rich blend of experienced and junior staff, a shared sense of pride in our institution, and an excitement for what the future holds. She is committed to fostering a collegial environment where collaboration thrives, and diversity, in all its dimensions, is celebrated. Pelin's role is a recent addition to our team, reflecting our commitment to continuously enhance inclusivity and strengthen our school community.

Department Operations Manager

Meet Dr Natalia Goehring, our Department Operations Manager, responsible for ensuring the seamless functioning of our department. Natalia plays a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations of our department, where her commitment to efficiency and excellence ensures that our faculty and staff have the resources they need to excel in their roles, contributing to the overall success of our department and its initiatives.


Director of Research

Introducing Dr Billy Wu, our Director of Research, and Reader in Electrochemical Design Engineering. Dr Wu brings a unique perspective to our department, emphasising the value of a transdisciplinary approach to explore fresh and innovative ideas within our field. His long-term vision revolves around creating real-world impact in the College's thematic areas through the co-design of technologies and behaviours, complemented by a strong foundation in engineering design.

Director of Education 

Meet Dr Shayan Sharifi, our Director of Education, and Principal Teaching Fellow, guiding our department's educational landscape. Shayan envisions a dynamic future for our department, with short-term goals that include introducing new postgraduate programs and forging connections with emerging markets. In the long term, he aims for nationally and internationally recognised awards, entrepreneurial support, a robust alumni network, and expanded educational pathways, along with venturing into new international territories.


REF Champion

Meet Professor Sebastian Deterding, our dedicated REF Champion and Chair in Design Engineering, whose invaluable role is to guide our research community towards greater visibility and impact. With a profound understanding of research publication strategies, Professor Deterding assists our faculty in sharing their work on esteemed platforms. 


Key Contacts