These are the modules currently offered on the MEng programme grouped by year of study. Please click on modules for more information:


Elective Modules external to the School:

In addition to the Year 3 and 4 spring term elective modules run by the School that are shown above, students in those years of study are also able to select from a range of modules run at Imperial that are offered outside the School. Currently these are:
Horizons modules for 3rd & 4th Year Undergraduates
Sustainable Electrical Systems (Host department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
Project Management (Host department: Imperial College Business School BPES Programme)
Business Strategy (Host department: Imperial College Business School BPES Programme)
Human Centred Design of Assistive and Rehabilitation Devices (Host department: Bioengineering)
Biomimetics (Host department: Bioengineering)
Human Neuromechanical Control and Learning (Host department: Bioengineering)

Please note that all elective modules are offered subject to availability.