Host department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Time slot: AM

Who can study this module: Open to Y4 from Bioengineering, Design Engineering, Computing, Materials and Mechanical Engineering


FHEQ Level: 7

How to apply: Via the visiting students link

August resit opportunity: No

Approximate places available to students from other departments: No cap

Historic number of applications from students of other departments: 40

Criteria used to select students: n/a

Sustainable Electrical Systems

Module aims

This course reviews the motivating factors and aspirations for changing electricity systems to a more sustainable form. From this base, the challenges posed for planning and operating a system with a changed generation mix are described and analysed. To support this, the features of the key renewable and low carbon energy technologies are introduced. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the term the student is expected to:
- Be able to describe the changes foreseen in electrical power systems. 
- Be able to analyse and describe the challenges to existing network operation posed by renewable generation systems.
- Be able to describe the basic operation of various renewable energy technologies, identifying key features such as intermittency or resource dependency and perform calculation of energy yields or design choices. 

Module syllabus

 - Part 1 - Context , Drivers and Policy
The world of energy and the panorama for the UK Government and international objectives and policies The status of the present system 

- Part 2 - Sustainable Energy Technologies Wind power, Hydro power, Photo-voltaic systems, Combined heat and power, (Demand response) and offshore HVDC transmission.

- Part 3 - Network integration Connection issues for distributed generation Connection issues for offshore wind energy Impact of intermittent generation on network operation and security Planning of reserve and response services.


The assessment will be based on a final exam with a weight of 80% over the final mark and two assignments with a weight of 10% + 10%. 

Reading list

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Module leaders

Professor Goran Strbac