Guest Computer Accounts Information

When you are expecting guests and would like them to be able to use our computing facilities (especially wireless) please make sure you plan for necessary guest accounts in advance.

NB: Guest accounts are temporary and do not receive any storage or an associated Imperial email address.

For very short-term guests, you may create an immediate guest account valid for 8 hours using the Quick Access online form.

To use this feature you must be prepared to identify the person to whom the guest ID has been given, or take personal responsibility for its traffic.

For longer guest accounts, from 1 to 90 days, you can use the Guest Access online form.

For conferences and the creation of a large number of guest accounts please contact the Computing Team directly giving at least 2 weeks' notice.

Note also that visitors from other academic institutions will be able to use the Eduroam service if their institution has signed up for access. Likewise you will be to use your account details when visiting participating institutions.