Watson Forum Videos

Watson Forum Micro-Interviews Projecting Real Female Role Models: YouTube Channel: Watson Forum Project

The Watson Forum is a series of (informal) interviews that seek to highlight contributions of women in the areas of numerical modelling, simulation, and programming in the context of STEM, in particular Maths, Physics, Earth Sciences and Engineering.

The Watson Forum is aimed at motivating young ladies to embark in numerical and modelling topics, and to project ‘real’ female modelling role models to the world! Many of the interviewees have hybrid careers that combine modelling with other activities, such as experimental and field work. The videos are collected, edited, and uploaded onto a youtube channel: YouTube Channel: Watson Forum Project.

During the interview the modellers are asked a variation of these three questions:

  • Describe your work as a modeller / Why are models important in your work / Why is modelling a useful tool in your work?
  • What are the advantages of modelling / pursuing a modelling career / what does a model/modelling allow you to do?
  • If you could send yourself a message to your teenage self, what career advice would you give yourself?

In the context of the Watson Forum, modelling is any activity that pertains to building any type of models (mathematical, geometric, computational, numerical, geological) to understand natural or manmade processes. This may include quantification, interpretation, prediction, simulation, visualisation, imitation, inspection, simplification, and many other activities related to understanding the world around us.

By highlighting the work of women in the simulation arena (in both industry and academia) we hope to increase the impact of their work, while encouraging others to pursue such careers. The Watson Forum is a project driven by Dr Adriana Paluszny (apaluszn@imperial.ac.uk). PhD student Haifa Al Salmi is a volunteer of the project and is currently the current guest editor. The fifth season of the Watson Forum is currently being produced, and the sixth season is being filmed. 

Season 1
Dr Sunshine Abbott (ICL, Earth Science and Eng)
Dr Chandra Amber Taposeea (ICL Earth Science and Eng)
Dr Laura Petrescu (ICL Earth Science and Eng)
Dr Philippa Mason (ICL Earth Science and Eng)
Dr Rebecca Bell (ICL Earth Science and Eng)
Dr Maartje Boon (ICL, now Stanford)

Season 2
Dr Veerle Vandeginste (ICL, now Nottingham)
Dr Eva-Maria Graefe (ICL, Maths)
Dr Cleo Kontoravdi (ICL, Bioengineering)
Dr Janice Kenney (ICL, now Birmingham)
Dr Hannah Bentham (Leeds)
Prof Ann Muggeridge (ICL Earth Science and Eng)

Season 3
Dr Ghazal Izadi (PennState, BakerHughes)
Dr Chloe Arson (ENPC, GATech)
Dr Paula Gago (UNLP, ICL)
Jennifer Quye Sawyer (ICL Earth Science and Eng)
Haifa Al Salmi (Oklahoma State U, ICL)
Dr Shubhangi Gupta (GeoMar)
Dr Silvia De Simone (UPC, ICL Earth Science and Eng)

Season 4
Dr Alina Yapparova (ETHZ)
Rona Ronen (Technion)
Sofia Roucan (ParisENSTA)
Dr Eren Ucar (KIT, Bergen)
Prof Laura Pyrak-Nolte (Purdue University)
Dr Susannah Maidment (Natural History Museum)
Jemimah-Sandra Samuel (ICL)

Season 5  
Prof Joanna Haigh (Grantham Institute, ICL)
Victoria Fernandes (ICL Earth Science and Eng)
Dr Hannah Williams (ICL Physics)
Irdawati Lokman (ICL Earth Science and Eng)
Maryam Abdulkarim (ICL Earth Science and Eng)
Dr Antje van der Net (Wintershall)
Dr Laura Margheri (ICL)

Season 6
Dr Jess Wade (ICL Physics)
Dr Minerva Singh (Grantham Institute, ICL)
Dr Daphe Tuncer (ICL Computer Science)





Janet Vida Watson (1923-1995). First female graduate of the Geology Department, graduating with first class honours in 1947. She was appointed Senior Lecturer in Geology in 1973 and awarded a personal Chair in 1974, becoming Imperial’s third woman professor.