A student and an academic look at a laptop screen in the Data Observatory, with projections of satellite images of the Earth displayed behind them

Developing pioneering research on fundamental data science and machine learning for real world applications

We use data science and machine learning to model real-world observations and increase the reliability of predictions made by forecasting models. Areas of research include:

  • urban air pollution;
  • medical image segmentation;
  • fluid dynamics; and
  • wildfire prediction.

If you are interested in one of the projects listed below, we encourage you to contact the primary project supervisor or the alternative contact person for further information.

Current projects

Breathe In, Breathe Out, combining machine learning with data analysis, fusion and data assimilation for incomplete, noisy air pollution data [Info Sheet - Arcucci Air Pollution]

Supervisor: Dr Rossella Arcucci

Modelling Extreme Weather Events using Data Science, Machine Learning, and Social Sentiments [‌Info Sheet - Arcucci Extreme Weather]

Supervisor: Dr Rossella Arcucci

Towards net-zero: Machine Learning and Data Science for the analysis of corporate environmental impact [Info Sheet - Arcucci Towards Net-Zero]

Supervisors: Dr Rossella Arcucci, Dr Simone Cenci, (Imperial College Business School)

Investigating subduction plate boundary earthquake hazards using controlled-source seismic data [Info Sheet - Bell Hikurangi]

Supervisors: Dr Rebecca Bell, Dr Ian Bastow 

Automated Crater Detection and Classification with Machine Learning [Info Sheet - Collins ACDC]

Supervisors: Professor Gareth Collins, Dr Navjot Kukreja (Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool), Associate Professor Nicholas Warner (Department of Geological Sciences, SUNY Geneseo, USA)

Anisotropic Geoelectrical Imaging - can Artificial Intelligence (AI) replace conventional resistivity inversion approaches? [Info Sheet - Fang Anisotropic Geoelectrical Imaging]

Supervisors: Dr Fangxin Fang, Professor Christopher Pain, Dr Paul Wilkinson (British Geological Survey), Dr Oliver Kuras (British Geological Survey), Dr Jorg Herwanger (MP Geomechanics)

New generation data assimilation and rapid response models for urban flooding [Info Sheet - Fang Flooding]

Supervisors: Dr Fangxin Fang, Professor Christopher Pain

Mapping thermal and compositional structure of cratons [Info Sheet - Goes Cratons]

Supervisors: Professor Saskia Goes, Dr Ian Bastow

Seismotectonics of the Lesser Antilles Arc (LAA) [Info Sheet - Goes LAA]

Supervisors: Professor Saskia Goes, Professor Jenny Collier

Structure and Evolution of the African Plate from Geophysical Observations [Info Sheet - Goes Africa Joint Tomography]

Supervisors: Professor Saskia Goes, Dr Gareth Roberts

Applying Dimensionality Reduction to Solutions on Finite Element Meshes with Autoencoders [Info Sheet - Heaney Autoencoders]

Supervisors: Dr Claire Heaney, Professor Christopher Pain

A Machine Learning Approach to Represent Carbonate Heterogeneities in Forward Stratigraphic Models [Info Sheet - John Carbonate Heterogeneties]

Supervisor: Dr Cédric M. John

Developing time-series InSAR for understanding changes to the ground surface, subsurface, biosphere and environment [Info Sheet - Mason Time-Series InSAR]

Supervisors: Dr Philippa Mason, Dr James Lawrence (Civil Engineering, Imperial College London), Professor Richard Ghail (Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway UK), Dr Cédric M. John

Understanding surface processes on Venus: in support of the EnVision mission [Info Sheet - Mason Surface Processes Venus]

Supervisors:‌ Dr Philippa Mason, Professor Richard Ghail (Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway UK), Dr Gareth Roberts

High resolution 3D imaging of an oceanic core complex: interaction of magma, water and faults on the mid-Atlantic ridge [Info Sheet - Paulatto FWI]

Supervisors: Dr Michele Paulatto, Professor Joanna Morgan

Multi-parameter geophysical imaging of Santorini Volcano [Info Sheet - Paulatto Santorini]

Supervisors: Dr Michele Paulatto, Professor Joanna Morgan

Teleseismic full-waveform imaging of active volcanoes [Info Sheet - Paulatto TSFWI]

Supervisors: Dr Michele Paulatto, Dr Lluis Guasch, Professor James Hammond (Birkbeck University of London)

Accelerating Scientific Discovery of Complex Scientific Applications with Process-Guided Deep Learning: Aquatic Eco-Dynamics in Lakes [Info Sheet - Piggott Lakes]

Supervisors: Professor Matthew Piggott, Dr R. Iestyn Woolway (University of Reading), Professor Stephen Maberly (UK CEH)

Exploiting the GEOTRACES toolbox to characterize ocean biogeochemical processes: trace elements, isotopes and new quasi-conservative tracers [Info Sheet - Plancherel GEOTRACES]

Supervisors: Dr Yves Plancherel, Professor Mark Rehkamper, Professor Tina van de Flierdt

Modeling the global Pb cycle: from industrial emissions to the bottom of the ocean [Info Sheet - Plancherel Pb Cycle]

Supervisor: Dr Yves Plancherel

Tracking Illegal Gold Mining Safely with Earth Observations and Machine Learning [Info Sheet - Plancherel Illegal Gold Mining]

Supervisors: Dr Yves Plancherel, Dr Pablo Brito-Parada, Dr Philippa Mason

Biodiversity and the Evolving Earth: New Data, New Methods, New Insights [Info Sheet - Roberts Biodiveristy]

Supervisors: Dr Gareth Roberts, Dr Conor O'Malley, Dr Philip Mannion (UCL), Dr Mark Sutton, Dr Jan Hackel (Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew)

Hard Rock to Heavy Metal: Data and tools for geochemical baselines and chemical fluxes through landscapes [Info Sheet - Roberts Hard Rock to Heavy Metal]

Supervisors: Dr Gareth Roberts, Dr Yves Plancherel, Dr Alex Whittaker, Charles Gowing (British Geological Survey), Dr Alex Lipp (University of Oxford, Earth Sciences)

Mapping pollutants and biodiversity throughout drainage basins [Info Sheet - Roberts Mapping Pollutants]

Supervisors: Dr Gareth Roberts, Dr Leon Barron (School of Public Health), Professor Guy Woodward (Life Sciences), Dr Alex Lipp (Earth Sciences, University of Oxford)