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AB - It is widely known that oil droplets can decrease the stability ofaqueous films and foams. While less widely recognized, it has also beenobserved that oil droplets can, under certain circumstances, increase thestability of foams, especially if they are caught in the Plateau borders. In thispaper, how the oil droplet deforms and is, in turn, deformed by the Plateauborder is modeled using Surface Evolver. The two dimensionless parametersthat affect these shapes are the size of the oil droplet relative to the Plateauborder and the ratio of the oil water interfacial tension to the air waterinterfacial tension. The calculated pressures in all the phases were used toobtain the pressure exerted on the oil water air pseudoemulsion film, whichallows the factors that influence the stability of these droplets in the Plateauborder to be investigated. The final section of the paper demonstrates that thepresence of an oil droplet in a Plateau border can have a major influence on thedrainage of the aqueous phase along the Plateau border. This retardation of the flow would result in the oil droplets in the Plateauborders increasing the stability of foams in which they are found.
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