Where & When

Normally in the Grantham Boardroom, every Friday at 4 or 5 pm but check the schedule or join the mailing list for more detailed information.

The AMCG seminar series provides opportunity for the following:

  • Seminars from external speakers
  • Workshops to outline unfamiliar areas / use of codes (e.g. 'Running Fluidity', 'The Finite Element Method', ...)
  • Presentations from members of the group
  • Sub-group updates (e.g. 'Developments in Radiant', 'ICOM progress update' )
  • Informal get-togethers (talk about each other's research / problems currently working on)

Please let everyone know when you can present (whether it be about your work, an interesting research topic, or a useful workshop).

The seminars are informal, group discussions lead by the presenter, so don't be shy and let's get talking about each other's work!

They're also good practice and preparation for conferences, annual management meetings and vivas.


More Information

Keep informed about upcoming talks and workshops by joining the seminar series email list! To join (or unsubscribe) please visit the Imperial Mailman 

Email if you're interested in presenting