In CRG, we hold weekly seminars on the progress of current projects. 

 24.10.14  Prof. Y. Wang The Ricker wavelet and Lambert W function
 29.10.14   Y. Liu Reservoir Characterization based on amplitude variation pattern and an integrated NMO velocity estimation
 07.11.14  Dr. Y. Xu Seismic inversion and wave propagation in arbitrary anisotropic media
 14.11.14  Dr. F. Gao FWI advance
 21.11.14  R. Wang Seismic reflectivity inversion: multichannel inversion and implementation
 28.11.14  C. Ning Progress on RTM
 05.12.14  Prof. Y. Shi RTM advance and GPU acceleration
 12.12.14  J. Liu Seismic inversion for elastic/petro elastic parameters
 19.12.14  M. Sakai Seismic attenuation on carbonate rock: numericla modelling and frequency spectra analysis
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