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AB - We produce a set of scaling laws for basin-sized impacts using data from a suiteof lunar basin numerical models. The results demonstrate the importance of preimpacttarget temperature and thermal gradient, which are shown to greatly infl uencethe modifi cation phase of the impact cratering process. Impacts into targets withcontrasting thermal properties also produce very different crustal and topographicprofi les for impacts of the same energy. Thermal conditions do not, however, signifi -cantly infl uence the excavation stage of the cratering process; results demonstrate,as a consequence of gravity-dominated growth, that transient crater radii are generallywithin 5% of each other over a wide range of thermal gradients. Excavationdepth-to-diameter ratios for the basin models (~0.12) agree well with experimental,geological, and geophysical estimates, suggesting basins follow proportional scaling.This is further demonstrated by an agreement between the basin models andPi- scaling laws based upon fi rst principles and experimental data. The results of thiswork should also be applicable to basin-scale impacts on other silicate bodies, includingthe Hadean Earth.
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