The LODE Laboratory

Development and commercial application of LA-ICP-MS analysis of minerals for exploration in porphyry-epithermal systems (Funded by BHP, Anglo American and Rio Tinto)

Current PhD Projects

Ethan Tonks

Controls on the distribution and chemistry of pyrophyllite-quartz alteration in high sulphidation epithermal ore deposits: developing vectoring and fertility tools for project assessment (Barrick Gold Corp.)

Tom Matthews

Titanite occurrence and chemistry as a monitor of melt redox state, magmatic fertility and hydrothermal alteration in porphyry ore systems (NERC Industrial CASE PhD award and Rio Tinto)

Chetan Nathwani

An integrated mineral systems approach to magmatic fertility in porphyry copper deposits: a case study of Peruvian porphyry copper deposits (NERC SSCP DTP PhD and Anglo American)

Rebecca Strachan

Structural controls on mineralisation and alteration in the Quellaveco region of Southern Peru (NERC London DTP PhD and Anglo American)

Emily Brugge

Titanite occurrence and chemistry as a monitor of melt redox state, magmatic fertility and hydrothermal alteration in porphyry ore systems (NERC Industrial CASE award and Rio Tinto)

Past PhD Projects

Simon Kocher

Controls on the distribution of Mo and other elements at the Bingham Cu-Mo-Au porphyry deposit, Utah (ESE Departmental Bursary, Rio Tinto)

Robert Sievwright

Developing magnetite as a petrogenetic indicator in arc magmas to interpret processes conducive for forming porphyru copper deposits (Imperial College London President's Scholarship)

Carmen Pinto

Controls on enrichment of REE at the Serra Verde deposit, Brazil (Serra Verde Mining)

Lisa Hart

Element mobility during propylitic alteration in porphyry ore systems: a case study of the Oyu Tolgoi deposits, Mongolia (ESE Departmental Bursary, Rio Tinto)

William Brownscombe

Geology of the Sakatti Cu-Ni-PGE deposit, Finland (Anglo American)

Jacob Longridge

Controls on clay mineral and gold distribution at Cerro Corona, Peru (NERC Industrial CASE, Gold Fields)

Adam Pacey

The origin of propylitic alteration in magmatic‐hydrothermal systems (AMIRA P1060 consortium of companies)

Matthew Loader

Mineral indicators of porphyry copper fertility (Rio Tinto)

Edward Spencer

Controls on the distribution of Mo in porphyry ore deposits

Steve Hollis

Mineralization potential of the Tyrone Igneous Complex

Antony Burnham

Zircon as a probe of the oxygen fugacity of magmas

Victoria Vry

Geological and hydrothermal fluid evolution at El Teniente, Chile

Ian Cope

Geology of the Pic de Fon iron ore deposit, Republic of Guinea (NERC Connect B)

Clara Buckroyd

Development of the 213nm UV laser ablation ICP-MS technique for fluid inclusion microanalysis and application to contrasting magmatic-hydrothermal systems

Barry Stoffell

Metal transport and deposition in hydrothermal fluids (Albert Julius Bursary)

John Chapman

Iron isotopes in hydrothermal ore-forming systems (NERC-CASE)

Current MSci Project Students

Holly Andrews

Harry Brookes

Daniel Lindsay

Max Ralston

Adam Smith

Recent MSci Students

Rhiannon Jones

Greenrock Study in the Timok Distict, Serbia – Modelling controls of propylitic alteration halos and an investigation into the possible reasons why mineral chemistry tools are not providing clear indicators of mineralisation

Miranda Birt

The generation of high Sr/Y in the Strontian Intrusive Complex

Oliver Parker

Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterisation Study of Perkoa Zinc Mine, Burkina Faso, West Africa 

Chetan Nathwani

 Apatite in volcanics from Central Chile: implications for the use of apatite as a fertility indicator for porphyry copper deposits

Jordan Griffiths

Igneous classification, alteration and style of mineralisation in the Kavango intrusion, Namibia

Ryan Atkar

Trace element and base metal enrichments associated with stratiform pyrite above the Navan Deep ore lens, Ireland

George Fry

Temporal geochemical trends in the arc magmas of Central Chile: Insights from magnetite trace element chemistry

Jack Morgan

Sulphide chemistry as a vector to mineralization, Kansanshi Mine, Zambia

William Murray

Chlorite and epidote chemistry: Vectoring towards mineralisation, Efemcukuru, Turkey

Gabriel Westaway-Heaven

Chromite chemistry as an exploration tool for Ni-Cu-PGE deposits

Matthew Irwin

Behaviour of REE in the Kansanshi Cu-Au-Mo deposit, Zambia

James Jeary

Origin of the Serra Verde ion adsorption REE deposit, Brazil

Luke Neal

Spectral characterisation and analysis of propylitic alteration minerals

Olivia Chant-Tuft

Origin of SWEX-S mineralization at the Navan Zn-Pn deposit, Ireland (with Boliden Tara Mines)

Harry Fisher

Epidote and chlorite chemistry in the Lagalochan alteration system, Scotland

Angus Fitzpayne

Assessing thallium and thallium isotopes as a potential exploration tool in porphyry systems

Kate Jillings

Origin of the hangingwall breccias at the Sakatti Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, Finland (with Anglo American)

Raphael Pesquidos

Chalcophile element mobility in subduction zone metamorphism

Fred White

PGE in the Sentinel deposit, Zambia (with First Quantum Minerals)


Jo Taylor
Mike Treloar
Thomas Mulqueen
Eloise Haman
Robin Bridge
Laura Crisp
Patrick Goodarzi
Michael Hayes
Iain Stobbs
Sarah Hayes
Humphrey Knight
Carmen Pinto
Natalie Staffurth
Katie Vowles
Melanie Kinchington
Christine Smith
Louisa Stokes
Jessica Wright
Mark Sanders
Simon Tapster
Chris Boulter
Alex Middleton