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The NORMS Laboratory for Reservoir Physics hosts state-of-the-art, bespoke facilities for measuring a range of reservoir properties relevant to flow and transport in the subsurface using intact rock samples and at conditions of elevated temperature and pressure. 

Our main focus is on permeable and porous sedimentary rocks that host groundwater in aquifers, act as source rocks and carrier beds for metals and metal transport in sedimentary basins, serve as geothermal resources and targets for subsurface energy storage, and reservoirs for subsurface carbon storage  

We have a range of bespoke core holders for conducting flow-through experiments at elevated temperature and pressure and at closed or open conditions to atmosphere.  We can measure basic properties such as porosity and permeability, monitor chemical reactions by analysing effluent electrolytes, determine macro-scale zeta potential and other electrical properties, and measure thermal properties such as conductivity.  We can also impose electrical potential gradients and determine the coupling between flow and electrokinetic effects.  The measurements underpin research into the flow and transport of contaminants such as salt, crude oil and hazardous metals; metals mobilisation and transport in sedimentary basins to form economic deposits; electrokinetic remediation of contaminated aquifers and electrokinetic in-situ resource utilisation; and geothermal reservoir utilisation and subsurface energy storage.   They also underpin novel methods for imaging the flow of water and contaminants in freshwater aquifers (Saline Intrusion monitoring using Self Potential - SISP).

LabFar left: Researchers measuring the zeta potential in intact chalk samples

Left: Discussing the design of our bespoke coreholders for measuring streaming potential and zeta potential in intact rock samples


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