24th Anniversary Pore-Scale Imaging and Modelling Meeting

Tuesday 16th January 2024

Royal School of Mines Room G41


9:00am Welcome coffee

9:30am Martin Blunt –  Welcome and introduction (video)

Session 1: Hydrogen storage
9:30am Sepideh Goodarzi – Is there hysteresis in hydrogen storage and withdrawal: the impact of Ostwald ripening? (video)
10:10am Waleed Dokhon – A pore-scale imaging study of the combined effects of displacement and pressure decline in hydrogen storage (video)
10:40am Ahmed Alzaabi – Trapping in reservoir rocks: a comparative study of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen (video)

11:00am Coffee break

Session 2: Carbon dioxide and surfactants
11:20am Hussain Alzahrani – Pore-scale mechanisms of improved recovery in surfactant flooding (video)
11:50am Olatunbosun Adedipe – Carbon-dioxide-cement interactions (video)

12:20pm Lunch

Session 3: Pore-scale modelling
1:20pm Sajjad Foroughi – Multi-scale network modelling applied to complex samples (video)
1:50pm Ademola Adebimpe – A statistical mechanical approach for pore-scale modelling of intermittency (video)
2:20pm Mingliang Qu – Pore-scale modelling of heat and mass transfer in packed bed reactors and for thermal energy storage (video)

2:50pm Coffee break

Session 4: Machine learning and porous media
3:20pm Jack Ma – Super-resolution imaging (video)
3:50pm Yang Gao – AI-driven image segmentation for accurate characterization of wettability (video)
4:10pm Shanlin Ye – A data-driven approach to drilling and avoiding excessive bit wear (video)
4:30pm Gang Luo – Machine learning and NMR interpretation (video)

4:50pm Close

6:30pm Consortium dinner, Polish Club


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