The challenge which IDLES is addressing requires a broad, multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, a highly collaborative programme of work has been developed which incorporates six, interconnected, project areas spanning across whole energy system analysis.

Inter-Relation of Projects
Inter-Relation of Projects

The overall programme aims to deliver a multi-scale model with fine temporal and spatial resolution incorporating energy generation, conversion, network and storage technologies, numerical representation of actions and behaviours of domestic and industrial consumers and market design.

We’re aiming to help the academic and industrial community to identify the size, key characteristics, technology mix and operational features of future energy systems. The project aims to create impact via policy evidence, industrial innovation, public engagement and training.

IDLES Projects

Project 1 - High temporal and spatial resolution for multi-carrier and cross-sectorial energy system modelling

Project 2 - Characterisation of new technologies for whole-system modelling

Project 3 - Data-driven modelling and decentralised control

Project 4 - Resilience and risk management of smart whole-energy systems

Project 5 - Incremental versus strategic development of future energy systems

Project 6 - Market design: alignment of investors’, customers’ and society objectives