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Agriculture and land use

Air quality

Behaviour change and assessment

Biodiversity and ecosystem services



Business and environment

Calculator development

  • Gino Baudry

Carbon capture and storage

Climate change and development

Climate change mitigation

Conservation biology

Conservation psychology

Contaminated Land

Data science

  • Indranil Pan

Decision making

Economic CBA of government strategies

Energy and development

Energy systems transitions

Energy Systems Transitions encompasses all facets of decarbonising the future energy system. The research spans multiple scales, multiple energy vectors and multiple dimensions. Our members model systems at the process, national and global scale, and analyse from technoeconomic, policy, market, and consumer behaviour viewpoints. Tools to perform this research include modelling, optimisation, data science, and trial design. Examples of more focused project areas include modelling flexible operation of power plants, exploring the value and impact of new low-carbon technologies and policies in the UK’s electricity system, evaluating biomass supply chains, and testing consumer engagement in novel electricity pricing schemes.

Energy systems transitions

Environmental citizenship

Environmental economics

Environmental education

Environmental governance

Environmental impact assessment

Environmental law

Environmental quality

Environmental regulation

Environmental risk assessment

Evidence synthesis and science-policy interface

Food sovereignty

Forestry and conservation policy

  • Susanne Raum

Human health and environment

Integrated assessment modelling

Integrated systems

Life cycle assessment

Modelling and optimisation

  • Praveen Bains

Multi-criteria analysis

  • Gino Baudry

Political ecology of environmental conflict

  • Yara Evans

Public perception of environmental risk

Science & technology for sustainability

Social and economic assessment


Sustainability education

Sustainable cities

Sustainable Development

Sustainable land management

Sustainable mobility

Sustainable transitions

System dynamics

  • Gino Baudry

Transport and environment

Urban systems

Waste management

Water resources