New solutions to air pollution challenges in the UK - Grantham LFSP Briefing Paper

Topics: Mitigation, Impacts and adaptation
Type: Briefing paper
Publication date: April 2016



cycle traffic in LondonAuthors: David Gregory, Oscar Mclaughlin, Samantha Mullender and Niruthavignesh Sundararajah

Produced by the London Forum for Science and Policypublished by the Grantham Institute.

Recent studies have estimated that 9,500 people die each year in London due to long-term exposure to air pollution – primarily particulates (PM2.5) and the carcinogenic gas nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Policy responses from central government have so far been inadequate in addressing this and immediate action is required. This paper discusses the problem of NOx (here used to refer to NO and NO2) pollution and suggests potential policy solutions.

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