Brian Hoskins

Professor Sir Brian Hoskins



Professor Sir Brian Hoskins was the Founding Director of the Grantham Institute and is now its Chair. He has been a Professor in Meteorology at the University of Reading for more than 35 years and now fills the position on a part-time basis. For 10 years he also held a Royal Society Professorship. His research is in weather and climate, in particular the understanding of atmospheric motion on all scales.

 Ralf Toumi

Professor Ralf Toumi


 Professor Ralf Toumi is the Co-Director of the Grantham Institute.  




 Dr Ajay Gambhir

Dr Ajay Gambhir

Advanced Research Fellow
+44 (0)20 7594 6363 | @AjayGambhir11

Ajay's work focuses on the economics and policy of low-carbon technologies.

 Dr Edward Gryspeerdt

Dr Ed Gryspeerdt

Research Fellow

The research in Ed's group focuses on the physics and properties of clouds and their role in the Earth's climate system. A major part of this is in assessing changes in clouds and rain caused by particulates (known as aerosols), particularly from shipping and aviation.

 Headshot of Jeff Hardy

Dr Jeff Hardy

Senior Research Fellow

Jeff's research focuses on society-led low carbon energy  transformations and associated strategic narratives. He was previously Head of Sustainable Energy Futures at Ofgem. 

Dr Alex Koberle

Dr Alexandre Köberle

Advanced Research Fellow

Alex works on long-term scenarios of socio-environmental change, with special focus on the nexus energy-land-climate to assess potential trade-offs and synergies for concurrent achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He is currently adding to the development of the TIAM-Grantham model by improving the implementation of the agricultural and land use sectors to better represent land-energy interactions.

Portrait of Lena Lancastle

Lena Lancastle

Laboratory Technician

Lena is working with Bonnie Waring on the Glandwr Forest reforestation project, which aims to accelerate and enhance the potential for carbon sequestration into trees and soils.

 Dr Shivika Mittal

Dr Shivika Mittal

Research Associate 


Shivika's research focuses on energy system modelling, low-carbon energy system transitions in developing countries from a technical and economic perspective, and climate policy. 


Dr Clair Barnes

Research Associate in the Analysis and Interpretation of Climate Data for Extreme Weather 


Dr Fredi Otto

Dr Friederike (Fredi) Otto

Senior Lecturer in Climate Science

Fredi's main research interest is on extreme weather events such as droughts, heat waves and storms, and understanding whether and to what extent these are made more likely or intense due to climate change - known by experts as 'climate change attribution'.

 Headshot of Joeri Rogelj

Professor Joeri Rogelj

Director of Research and Lecturer in Climate Change and the Environment 

Joeri works on connecting insights from geoscience with energy modelling and climate policy, in order to improve the understanding of solutions that can catalyse sustainable global transitions to a prosperous low-carbon world. His research focuses on actively informing the international climate policy debate through dedicated interdisciplinary research and analysis.

 Portrait of Dr Caroline Wainwright

Dr Caroline Wainwright

Grantham Institute Research Fellowship

Caroline’s research interests are around climate variability and climate change in tropical regions, with a particular focus on exploring climate change related risk for populations in Africa whose livelihoods are strongly dependent on seasonal rainfall.

 Headshot of Bonnie Waring

Dr Bonnie Waring

Senior Lecturer

Bonnie's research focuses on the ecological interactions that control flows of carbon among plants, soils, and the atmosphere. Much of her work has been focused on carbon sequestration in tropical forests. 


Dr Mariam Zachariah

Research Assistant 

Mariam works on near-real time attribution of extreme weather events, which involves analysing the event of interest within days of its occurrence, in order to understand whether and to what extent does human-induced climate change may have influenced its characteristics.


Dr Ivana Popovic

Research Associate 

Ivana is involved in the FiNaClim-SD project, which explores transition pathways to net-zero/nature-positive futures in the context of sustainable development objectives.


Dr Pauline Paterson

Research Associate 

Pauline is researching the public perceptions of the co-benefits of climate action in the UK, exploring which co-benefits resonate most with citizens and how this varies amongst different demographics.

Dr Kasturi Singh

Sponsored Researcher 

Kasturi works on delineating the features responsible for the rapid intensification of tropical cyclones over different world ocean basins by simulating these systems using NWP models.


Portrait of Emma Bowman 

Emma Bowman

Director of Operations
+44 (0) 20 7594 8937


Emma leads on the overall operational management of the Institute. She supports the development and delivery of the Institute’s Business Plan, coordinates between programme, development, outreach and communication activities, and manages the Institute’s resources (staff and financial).

Portrait of Gosia Gayer 

Gosia Gayer

Institute Administrator 
Personal Assistant to Grantham Co-Directors
+44 (0)20 7594  9666

Gosia provides executive level project management and administrative support to the Co-Directors. She also has responsibility for ensuring that the Institute’s day-to-day operations run smoothly, including its regular seminar and lectures, official visits as well as its facilities and central resources.

 Laila Read

Dr Laila Read

Project Manager
+44 (0)207 594 8628

Laila provides management, planning, financial, administrative and organisational support in the development and delivery of new research collaborations and projects, working across a range of disciplines and with a variety of funders. 

 Headshot of Rhea Samra

Rhea Samra

Project Coordinator
+44 (0)20 7594 1180

Rhea provides support to the Institute’s business and policy engagement activities, as well as personal assistance to the business, policy and innovation team. 

 Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith

Finance Administrator 

Danielle handles all of the Institute’s day-to-day financial activities, advising and assisting staff and students with financial transactions.



Anne Houston 

Anne Houston

Director of Training
+44 (0)20 7594 5885 

Anne is responsible for delivering the Institute's education programmes. She manages all educational activities including the NERC funded Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet (SSCP) Doctoral Training Partnership and the MSc in Climate Change Management and Finance.  

 Headshot of Christiane

Christiane Morgan

Doctoral Training Coordinator
+44 (0)20 7594 1180

Christiane supports the running of the NERC-funded Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet Doctoral Training Partnership.


Victoria Halling

Taught Programmes Coordinator

Victoria supports the Grantham Institute’s taught programmes, including the MSc in Climate Change Management and Finance.


Policy & communications


Caterina Brandmayr

Director of Policy and Translation 

Caterina is responsible for making the link between our academic work and policy-makers, businesses, NGOs and other stakeholders. Her work involves engaging with a wide range of organisations and producing briefing papers, events and bespoke engagements that ensure that our work has impact. 

Simon Levey

Simon Levey

Communications Manager
+44 (0)207 594 5650

Simon’s role is to write news and organise events about climate and environmental research at Imperial, and coordinate public engagement activities and training. He also edits publications about climate science and policy for the Grantham Briefing Papers series. Simon is responsible for all communications about Grantham Institute staff, students and affiliates.

 Neil Jennings

Dr Neil Jennings

Partnership Development Manager

Neil supports the dissemination of our research outside of Imperial via briefing papers, events, animations and infographics and through the development of strategic partnerships with business, policy and non-governmental organisations.


 Headshot of Hana Amer

Hana Amer

Media and Events Officer


Hana organises the Grantham events calendar, coordinates public engagement activities and training and writes news stories for the website. [Working days: Tuesday to Thursday]

 Linsey Wynton

Linsey Wynton

Media and Outreach Officer


Linsey coordinates public engagement activities and training, manages media enquiries and writes news stories for the website.

Sam Fraser-Baxter

Media & Communications Coordinator 

Sam coordinates communications for the World Weather Attribution project, manages media enquiries and writes news stories for the website.

Portrait of Philippa Westbury

Philippa Westbury
Hub Stakeholder Manager, CO2 Removal Hub (CO2RE)  

Philippa works on stakeholder engagement with the CO2RE consortium and will be based at the Grantham Institute.


Kate Walwyn-Jones
Digital Communications Coordinator 

Kate supports the Grantham Institute’s digital communications, including its website, blogemail newsletters and social media channels


Lottie Morgan
Digital Communications Project Officer

Lottie manages the Grantham Institute’s online presence and digital communications outputs. 

Nicole Kuchapski

Nicole Kuchapski

Policy and Translation Support Officer

Nicole supports the translation of scientific research into communication products such as briefing notes, infographics and videos. She also liaises with a variety of stakeholders and partners to coordinate projects and events that seek to link our academic research to policymaking and public engagement. 



 Richard Templer

Professor Richard Templer

Co-Founder of Undaunted
+44 (0)20 7594 5874

Richard co-founded Undaunted (formerly the Centre for Climate Change Innovation) as a partnership between Imperial and the Royal Institution. He is also a member of the London Sustainable Development Commission, where he advises the GLA on the development of London as a global hub for cleantech innovation.

Alyssa Gilbert 

Alyssa Gilbert

Director of Innovation
+44 (0)20 7594 9665

Alyssa is spearheading our innovation work at the Grantham Institute to speed up the creation, development and scale up of innovative solutions to the climate crisis. She is the Director of Undaunted (formerly the Centre for Climate Change Innovation), a partnership between Imperial and the Royal Institution, and has as strong background in climate policy.

 Naveed Chaudhry

Naveed Chaudhry 

Co-Founder & Head of The Greenhouse at the Centre for Climate Change Innovation

Naveed runs The Greenhouse and Climate Launchpad at the Centre for Climate Change Innovation. He manages a range of climate-positive companies in sectors such as agtech, energy, mobility, AI, eco-materials, and many others.

 Ajay Kathrani

Ajay Kathrani

Partnership Lead at the Centre for Climate Change Innovation

Ajay leads on brokering new opportunities for collaborative innovation with stakeholders and clients across London's cleantech community.  


Armelle Lee

Project Officer at the Centre for Climate Change Innovation

Armelle supports the delivery of interventions to enable better coordination and collaboration amongst London’s cleantech stakeholders and experts.


Cathal Hughes

Projects Manager at Undaunted 

Cathal leads on Undaunted’s projects supporting innovative early-stage cleantech SMEs, developing an active London climatetech community and advocating for climate policies and measures to accelerate the UK’s net zero transition.


Melissa Mahdi

EDRF Project Officer 

 Melissa leads on the compliance and budget management of the centre that is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


Claudia Cannon

Communications Coordinator at the Centre for Climate Change Innovation 

Claudia supports the publicity, multi-channel communication activities and event management for the Centre for Climate Change Innovation.

 Guillermo Montero Rodriguez

Guillermo Montero 

Project Manager at the Centre for Climate Change Innovation

Guillermo leads all project management activities for the Centre for Climate Change Innovation (CCCI). He is responsible for the relation and activities with the Greater London Authority and European Funding bodies for the CCCI. And financially manages all programmes and projects in the centre.


Nicole Bachanova

Programme Manager of The Greenhouse at the Centre for Climate Change Innovation 

Nicole is responsible for planning and designing the programme of The Greenhouse. She ensures that the start-ups receive all the support they need via workshops, mentorship, networking and more.

Raabiah Aslam

Internship Coordinator 

Raabiah supports project management and communication activities at the Centre for Climate Change Innovation. 

Portrait of Paul Rouse

Paul Rouse
Flexi Fund Manager, CO2 Removal Hub (CO2RE)

Paul will be working as Flexi Fund Manager for the CO2RE consortium and will be based at the Grantham Institute.


Honorary and Visiting

Visiting Researchers

Andrew Prentis

Visiting Fellow 

Andrew is a veterinary surgeon who is working with researchers to help them understand how the veterinary industry works and what the drivers for actions are, focusing in particular on parasitic disease incidence in pets and people, and the use and environmental impact of parasiticides.

Neil Hirst

Neil Hirst

Honorary Senior Research Fellow
+44 (0)20 7594 6306

Neil works with the Chinese government and other international energy policymakers on the reform of global energy governance and China’s participation.

 Dr Tanaka

Dr Josué Tanaka

Honorary Senior Fellow in Climate Finance




Honorary Research Fellows

Richard Black outside with a tree behind him on a sunny day


Richard Black
Honorary Research Fellow  

Richard’s interests encompass communication of climate change and decarbonisation, in particular the net zero transition. He was previously a BBC journalist and broadcaster, and founding Director of the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit thinktank.

Roberto Buizza
Honorary Research Fellow 

Roberto is serving as Scientific Attaché at the Italian Embassy in London, where he supports the work of the Italian diplomacy and leads the embassy's scientific activities. He is an expert in numerical weather prediction, Earth-system modelling, ensemble methods and predictability.


Professor Martin Siegert
Honorary Research Fellow 

Martin was Co-Director of the Grantham Institute from 2014 to 2022. As a glaciologist, he is involved in the scientific exploration of Antarctica, leading the UK's participation in a series of geophysical programmes that have charted around 40% of the subglacial environment across the continent.