In 2007, the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment made the visionary decision to support an Institute at Imperial to provide a vital global centre of excellence for research and education on climate change. Today, the Grantham Institute is established as a leading authority on climate and environmental science.

The Grantham Institute is Imperial College London's hub for climate change and the environment, and one of Imperial's seven Global Institutes established to promote inter-disciplinary working and to meet some of the greatest challenges faced by society. We drive forward discovery, convert innovations into applications, train future leaders and communicate academic knowledge to businesses, industry and policymakers to help shape their decisions.

Graphic with icons showing core parts of our work - Train, Innovate, Research, Inform, Connect

Vision & mission

Our vision

A sustainable, resilient, zero-carbon society.

Our mission

To contribute to, and lead on, world-class research, training and innovation towards effective UK and international action on climate change and the environment.