Attitudes and Barriers to Deployment of CCS from Industrial Sources in the UK - Grantham Report 6

Topics: Mitigation
Type: Institute reports and analytical notes
Publication date: 2014



Refinery Project Lead: Dr Tamaryn Napp
Project Team: Kun Shan Sum, Thomas Hills and Dr Paul S. Fennell


Globally, there has been less focus on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) applied to industrial sources of CO2 (i.e. from heavy industries except gas processing) than on applications of CCS in power generation. This is despite the fact that the energy-intensive industrial sector comprising large point sources (LPS) presents high potential for emissions mitigation through CCS. 

This report analyses and presents the main factors affecting the progress of CCS in industry and examines the question, “what policy environment and concomitant conditions would be required for the feasible deployment and operation of CCS from industrial sources in the UK (both including and excluding power production)?”