Topics: Energy and Low-Carbon Futures, Mitigation
Type: Collaborative publications
Publication date: December 2019



Authors: Dr Gireesh Shrimali, Navin Agarwal, Dr Charles Donovan

Rooftop Solar Plant in IndiaThis report, produced in collaboration with Imperial's Centre for Climate Finance and Investment, considers the drivers of inter-state solar power deployment in India, and what mix of policies are most appropriate to help India reach its ambitious solar power targets.


  • Increasing solar energy deployment is essential for India to tackle ongoing environmental challenges whilst ensuring energy security and managing a healthy economy.
  • India has already achieved significant growth in solar deployment. However, its current capacity of approximately 32GW is still far short of its 2022 target of 100GW.
  • A better understanding of the drivers of inter-state solar power deployment can help Indian policymakers reach India’s solar penetration goals.
  • Our findings indicate that the command and control policy Renewable Purchase Obligation has been effective in stimulating both large-scale and distributed solar, indicating value in its continued widespread use.
  • Furthermore, we find that large-scale solar deployment is driven by the enabling policy Solar Park Development. Policymakers should consider duplicating such policy in similar regions.

Download: Drivers in solar deployment in India: A state-level analysis [PDF]

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