A group of students discussing a research question. A palm-sized quad drone sits on the table in front of them with their laptops and papers.

How to apply 

"It’s interesting how everyone on the course approaches questions and tasks differently. We all think of different things first. And so that's really interesting. It's good to open up to different perspectives." Reisha Chudasama, MRes student

Full details of minimum requirements (academic and English) and how to apply are available on the Study Molecular Engineering MRes webpage. The course code is H803. 

Applications are processed centrally before being received by the Molecular Engineering MRes Admissions Team. 

We welcome informal enquiries and questions - get in touch via imse.mres@imperial.ac.uk

Tips for a good application

Supporting statement

  • No more than 1 page long (11-12 point text size, sans serif font e.g. Arial).
  • At the beginning, make it clear why you are interested in the MRes in Molecular Engineering course, and what your relevant experience is.
  • Clearly state what research areas and you are most interested in.
  • Clearly provide a summary of relevant previous research project(s) that you have undertaken.

CV (Curriculum Vitae)

  • Note that the word "resumé" is not used in the UK.
  • No more than 2 pages long.
  • Do include: academic qualifications and degree classification/grade (final/predicted); information about previous research project(s) and supervisors; information about any time spent in industry; experience with relevant analytical/synthetic techniques, programming, etc
  • Do not include: date of birth/age, marital status, gender, height, weight, nationality