The Research Board’s remit is to shape and implement IMSE’s research strategy, and to provide a mechanism for IMSE to support faculties and departments in addressing opportunities in molecular science and engineering. The Research Board comprises academic representatives from a total of 11 departments spanning all four faculties.  Board members are IMSE’s research champions.


• To develop and help implement the IMSE research strategy;
• To shape the IMSE research portfolio and identify funding opportunities;
• To champion IMSE activities internally and externally;
• To make recommendations on, and contributions to, IMSE publications;
• To identify and prioritise opportunities in molecular science and engineering not currently addressed by the College;
• To provide a mechanism through which IMSE can support departments in growing the number of MSE, collaborative research programmes;
• To identify opportunities and provide guidance on building upon departmental and faculty activities, in order to facilitate additional cross-College research collaborations;
• To communicate the vision, role and objectives of IMSE to the wider College and external communities.

Research Board members