Problem-solve with the IMSE community

Our partnerships are integral to the work of IMSE. The effective commercialisation and translation of research to practice requires close collaboration with industry, and our research requires support from partners committed to working with us to solve emerging and pressing grand challenges.

IMSE provides stakeholders with:

  • an opportunity to make an impact: to share grand challenges with leading researchers and to help shape research directions.
  • engagement with teams of experts who can develop innovative solutions to grand challenges.
  • opportunities to help educate or to recruit graduates trained to work across molecular science and engineering.
  • an opportunity to engage in translation activities and to benefit quickly from the realisation of research ideas.
  • an opportunity to engage with other companies and other stakeholders to discuss pre-competitive grand challenges.

Partnership enquiries

For any enquiries related to forming an industrial partnership, please contact:

Corporate Partnerships contacts

  • Elena Corujo-Simon

    Portrait of Elena Corujo-Simon

    Personal details

    Elena Corujo-Simon Translation and Research Manager

    +44 (0) 207 594 2572