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Seminars 2020 onwards

2022 seminars

July   Imperial Neurotechnology 2022  
21 June 2022   Zenna Tavares | Columbia University  
20 May 2022   Lee Miller | Northwestern University In pursuit of a universal, biomimetic iBCI decoder: Exploring the manifold representations of action in the motor cortex 
26 Apr 2022   Juan Burrone | King’s College London Chandelier cells shine a light on the emergence of GABAergic circuits in the cortex - POSTPONED 
22 Mar 2022   Ben Hayden | University of Minnesota Orbitofrontal cortex and the integrative approach to functional neuroanatomy
22 Feb 2022   James Patton | University of Illinois Chicago Deception, ExoNETs, SmushWare, & Organic Data: Tech-facilitated neurorehabilitation & human-machine training
25 Jan 2022   Kerry Walker | University of Oxford Hearing in an acoustically varied world
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2021 seminars

23 Nov 21 daniele dini potrait Daniele Dini The wonders and complexities of brain microstructure: Enabling biomedical engineering studies combining imaging and models
7 July 2021   Various Imperial Neurotechnology 2021
22 June 2021 suhasa kodandaramaiah Suhasa Kodandaramaiah | University of Minnesota Technologies for large scale cortical imaging and electrophysiology
25 May 2021 alain goriely headshot Alain Goriely | University of Oxford Mathematical models of neurodegenerative diseases
27 Apr 2021 devika narain Devika Narain | Erasmus Medical Centre Neural dynamics underlying temporal inference
23 Mar 2021 tobias reichenbach Tobias Reichenbach | Friedrich-Alexander-University Decoding the neural processing of speech
23 Feb 2021 miguel maravall portrait Miguell Maravall | University of Sussex Sensory and metasensory responses during sequence learning in the mouse somatosensory cortex
27 Jan 2021 emery brown portrait Emery Brown | Massachusetts Institute of Technology Deciphering the Dynamics of the Unconscious Brain Under General Anesthesia
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2020 seminars

14 Dec 2020 jo jackson portrait Johanna Jackson | Imperial College London Targeting the synapse in Alzheimer’s Disease
23 Nov 202 Fei Chen portrait Fei Chen | Broad Institute Novel Tools for Spatial and Temporal Genomics
9 July 2020 imperial neurotechnology 2020 logo Various Imperial Neurotechnology 2020 | Centre Annual Research Symposium
18 Feb 2020 Tissuevision image Tim Ragan | TissueVision Serial Two-Photon Tomography and Multiplexed 3D Whole Tissue Analysis

Past Seminars and Colloquia


2019 Seminars
10 Dec 2019 Kiryl Piatkevich headshot Kiryl Piatkevich | Westlake University Engineering tools for mapping brain computations
26 Nov 2019 Parry Hashemi headshot Parastoo Hashemi | Imperial College London Eavesdropping on the brain: Fundamentally novel perspectives on psychiatric diseases with microengineered, electrochemical detection platforms
29 Oct 2019 akrami Athena Akrami | Sainsbury Wellcome CentreUCL Study of sensory "prior distributions" in rodent models of working memory
10 July 2019   Imperial Neurotechnology 2019 Centre for Neurotechnology Annual Research Symposium
18 June 2019 ghezzi Diego Ghezzi | EPFL Wireless photovoltaic neural prostheses
21 May 2019 oleary Tim O'Leary | University of Cambridge Degenerate feedback control in the nervous system
30 Apr 2019 linden Jennifer Linden | UCL Ear institute Neural Mechanisms of Temporal Processing in Central Auditory System: A Neurotheory of Gap Detection
19 Mar 2019 johansen-berg Heidi Johansen-Berg | Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging Imaging and stimulating adaptive brain plasticity
19 Feb 2019 | Joint seminar with EPSRC Centre for Mathematics of Precision Healthcare & Biomaths Group chavez Mario Chavez | CNRS Differential Geometry Applied to Monitoring of Brain States From EEG Signals
22 Jan 2019 foust Amanda Foust | Department of Bioengineering & Centre for Neurotechnology, Imperial College London Negotiating the photon budget for neuronal membrane potential imaging
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2018 Colloquia/seminars
5 Dec 2018 wagner Fabien Wagner, Center for Neuroprosthetics and Brain Mind Institute, EPFL Targeted neurotechnologies for restoring walking after spinal cord injury
14 Nov 2018 barnes Sam Barnes, Imperial College London  Functional signatures of homeostatic plasticity in health and disease
24 Oct 2018 meletis  Konstantinos Meletis, Karolinksa Instituet Mapping brain circuits
26 Sept 2018 burkitt Anthony Burkitt, University of Melbourne The quest to restore vision: Optimizing neural activation in retinal implants
30 May 2018 fernandez Alvaro Fernandez, SharpBrains Why the Future of Brain Enhancement is Digital and Pervasive
26 April 2018 jazayeri Mehrdad Jazayeri
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, McGovern Institute for Brain Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Flexible mental computations through regulation of cortical dynamics
25 April 2018 thorn-seshiold Oliver Thorn-Seshold
Department of Pharmacy, Centre for Drug Research, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Chemical tools for high-precision control of cytoskeletal functions
11 April 2018 neufeld Esra Neufeld, Computational Life Sciences Group at the IT'IS Foundation (ETH) Neuro-functionalized computable anatomical models

24 Jan 2018 | Mini Symposium: Neural Enhancement

teicher Mina Teicher (Bar-Ilan University) Synchronization in brain activity and applications to Medicine
  wexler Anna Wexler (University of Pennsylvania) Outside the Ivory Tower: the Use of Noninvasive Brain Stimulation in Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Contexts and “Brain Wellness” Centers
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2017 Colloquia/seminars
29 November 2017
Mini-symposium: Speech Processing & Neuromodulation
Jonas Obleser, University of Lübeck Neural filters for the listening challenge in time and space
    Christoph S. Herrmann, University of Oldenburg Transcranial alternating current stimulation: Models, EEG/MEG, and cognition
9 August 2017 Karim Oweiss Karim Oweiss, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, University of Florida Targeted Neuroplasticity: Natural and Artificial Shaping of Neural Correlations for Cognitive Neural Interfaces
25 July 2017 Vincent Hayward
Professor of Tactile Perception & Technologies, Leverhulme Fellow School of Advanced Study, University of London
Neurotechnology of Touch: Early haptic processing and tactual curiosities
7 June 2017
Patrick Degenaar, Reader in Neuroprosthesis, Newcastle University  
    Nick Donaldson, Professor of Neuroprosthesis Engineering, UCL  
9 May 2017
MINI SYMPOSIUM on Human Sensorimotor Control
brain Sliman Bensmaia, University of Chicago Biological and Bionic hands: Natural neural coding and artificial perception
    Shlomi Haar, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel Encoding of Movement and the Learning of Movement in the Human Brain
 2 May 2017 Andrew Schwartz, Department of Neurobiology, University of Pittsburgh A new view of motor cortical function
26 April 2017MINI SYMPOSIUM: Spinal cord injury Lawrence Moon, Kings College London In-cage automation of a test for reaching and grasping in rodents
    Gregoire Courtine, IRP Chair on Spinal Cord Repair, EPFL Title tbc

25 Jan 2017
MINI SYMPOSIUM: Harder, better, faster, stronger: advanced tools to study brain circuitry

Angus Silver, Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology, UCL New technologies for predicting and measuring circuit function
    Adam R. Kampff, Sainsbury-Wellcome Centre, UCL Distributed, whole-brain, single-unit electrical recordings

16 January 2017
Joint CfN/Bioengineering seminar

Lee Miller, Northwestern University Reverse Engineering Proprioception
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2016 Colloquia/seminars

25 November 2016
Joint CfN/Bioengineering seminar

Ethan Scott, University of Queensland Sensory Processing in Larval Zebrafish: Perspectives From Whole-brain Calcium Imaging

26 October 2016

auditory processing Daniel Bendor, UCL The role of inhibition in auditory cortex for encoding temporal information
  turner Richard Turner, Cambridge Neuroscience Gaussian Processes for Auditory Neuroscience
15th June 2016 MINI-SYMPOSIUM on DECISION dayan

Peter Dayan, Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, UCL

Reverse Replay during Human Decision Problem Solving
  humphries Mark Humphries, University of Manchester Population activity in rule-learning prefrontal cortex reveals signatures of internal models

9 May 2016
MINI SYMPOSIUM on Spinal Cord Injury

Julian Taylor, Research Director, Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research Biomarkers of Motor Neuroplasticity and Neurorehabilitation after Spinal Cord Injury
    Bethel A Osuagwu, Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research/University of Glasgow Neurorehabilitation of hand function using brain computer interface in spinal cord injury
David Dupret, MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit, Oxford University
Temporal dynamics of neuronal activity engaged in the expression of hippocampal representation of space
  Christian Luscher Christian Lüscher, University of Geneva The emergence of a circuit model for addiction
23rd March 2016

francesco tamagnini Francesco Tamagnini, University of Exeter Medical School Alzheimer’s disease and the noisy brain: amyloidopathy correlates with hippocampal hyperexcitability
  roxana carare Roxana Carare, University of Southampton Perivascular clearance of interstitial fluid from the brain. Significance for Alzheimer’s disease
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