Clinical neurology

Championing bench-to-bedside research

The Division of Neurology is committed to pursuing ground-breaking research and rapidly translating its outcomes to the bedside for the benefit of patients. We are very committed to equality and diversity and to create an environment where the best minds can come together, regardless of their gender or position, and have a workplace that is comfortable for everyone and gets the best out of all people. The Division includes internationally respected non-clinical investigators and clinical academics who are working at the “cutting edge” of a broad range of research areas in neurology from epilepsy to Parkinson’s disease, from dementias to multiple sclerosis.

Adopting a range of translational methods, research groups are investigating underlying mechanisms of these neurological diseases for a more complete understanding of their causes, and then building on this new knowledge to pioneer the implementation of novel treatments.

Research areas include:

Principal Investigators

Dr Neekhil Patel

Neekhil Patel

Dr Neekhil Patel
Clinical Lecturer