The Annual Review Conversation (ARC) is an opportunity for staff to have a discussion with their line manager, focusing on everything they need to thrive at work. Building on regular one-to-ones, the conversation is designed to be meaningful and constructive, recognising ongoing contributions and planning for the future based on individual and departmental needs and aspirations.

The S&C ARC season runs from 1st February – 30th April. 

  1. Appraisee should complete the ARC Preparation Form.
  2. Appraisee should arrange a date for their Annual Review Conversation with their line manager.
  3. The appraisee and appraiser should have their Annual Review Conversation.
  4. It is the responsibility of the appraisee to complete the ARC Outcome Form or ARC Outcome Form - Clinical Academics with all the actions from the conversation, and share this with their line manager.
  5. Once the ARC Outcome Form is completed and signed by both the line manager and appraisee, please send it to Karen Pontifex to update completion on ICIS.

For a more in-depth, step-by-step guide, see the checklist for both Individuals and Managers.

Find out more information on participating and running an ARC.