What we do

The Translational Brain Tumour Group is a joint clinical and engineering initiative, which spans imaging, neurosurgery and oncology led by Sophie Camp (Neurosurgery), Matthew Grech-Sollars (Imaging), Luke Dixon (Neuroradiology) and Matt Williams (Neuro-Oncology), based in the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College London.

Why it is important

Brain tumours are the leading cause of cancer death in the under-40’s, and survival rates have not improved in the last 10 years. Treatment is complex, and involves a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and relies heavily on imaging to diagnose patients, plan treatment and assess response. Our research is focused on multi-modality approaches to improving outcomes for brain tumour patients, and aims to integrate developments in surgery, oncology and imaging. Our work covers both primary and secondary brain tumours (metastases), and we are particularly interested in how we can combine better imaging with combinations of treatments to improve outcomes.

How it can benefit patients

We plan and deliver clinical trials with direct clinical benefit to patients, as well we researching novel approaches to take into new clinical trials. The trials are currently investigating approaches to better surgery, the development of better imaging techniques, and the development of drug-radiotherapy combinations.

Summary of current research:

We are exploring better techniques to assess and measure responses to brain tumours, using a variety of approaches including ultrasound and MRI, and improving their interpretation using computational methods.

We are then exploring some of these in clinical trials. These include:

  • Future-GB: A multi-centre phase 3 randomised controlled trial exploring the benefit of better intra-operative imaging technology to improve patient quality of life and outcome.
  • BrainWear: A single centre, observational Phase 2 trial exploring the use of near-patient monitoring of activity and speech in patients with brain tumours
  • MRI Fingerprinting: A single centre observational study investigating the use of MR Fingerprinting within brain tumours to improve diagnosis.
  • AROMA: Exploring the use of modern radiotherapy techniques to improve treatment in patients with brain metastases.
  • BrainApp: A multi-centre observational trial exploring the use of a smartphone app to track patient and carer quality of life in patients with primary brain tumours.





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PhD students

We are always interested in talking to interested MSc and undergraduate students about projects, and we regularly host a range of students from across ICL. Most of our projects require a significant degree of computational familiarity, but feel free to check if interested.

Our researchers

Miss Sophie Camp

Headshot of Sophie Camp

Miss Sophie Camp

Dr Matthew Grech-Sollars

Headshot of Dr Matthew Grech-Sollars

Dr Matthew Grech-Sollars

Dr Matthew Williams

Portrait of Dr Matthew Williams

Dr Matthew Williams

Dr Luke Dixon

Portrait of Dr Luke Dixon

Dr Luke Dixon