A researcher wearing a lab coat and safety glasses puts a solution in a bottle on a lab bench

Here you will find job titles and contact details of departmental safety staff and laboratory academic leads

The Department of Earth Science and Engineering is committed to pursuing excellence in research and teaching and, ensuring the health and safety of staff, students, visitors, contractors and members of the public who are, or may be, affected by Faculty activities.


Health and Safety Personnel

Departmental Safety



Laboratory Academic Leads


LG08 - Rock Preparation, Pablo Brito, 49980
LG09 - Dylan Rood, 47461
LG16 - Petrophysics, Matt Jackson, 46538
LG18 - Clean Room, Katharina Kreissig, 46517
LG18 - Clean Room, Mark Rehkamper, 46391
LG19 - General Lab, Tina Van de Flierdt, 41290
LG19 - General Lab, Katharina Kreissig, 46517
LG19 - General Lab, Barry Coles, 46391
LG19 A/B/C/D - Clean Lab, Katharina Kreissig, 46517
LG19 A/B/C/D - Clean Lab, Mark Rehkamper, 46391
LG20 - Shared Lab, Llius Gausch
LG21 - Large Store, TBC
LG22 - Geomechanics, Sevket Durucan, 47354
LG23 - Fuel Cell Lab, Nigel Brandon, 45704
LG23 - Fuel Cell Lab, Lindy Murphy
LG24 - Rio Tinto Project, Pablo Brito, 49980
LG25 - Mass Spectrometer, Barry Coles, 46391
LG25 - Mass Spectrometer, Mark Rehkamper, 46391
LG26 - Mass Spec Store, Barry Coles, 46391
LG26 - Mass Spec Store, Mark Rehkamper, 46391
LG27 - Fuel Cell Fabrication, Nigel Brandon, 45704
LG27 - Fuel Cell Fabrication, Lindy Murphy
LG28 - Microscope Lab, TBC
LG45a - Rock Prep, Dylan Rood, 47461
LGM06 - Geochemistry, Dominic Weiss, 46383
LGM08 - Geochemistry Store, Tina Van de Flierdt, 41290
B109, etc. – Petrophysics & Organic Geochemistry, Mark Sephton, 46542
B109, etc. – Petrophysics & Organic Geochemistry, Jon Watson, 07979 69543
B270 – Stable Isotope Lab, TBC
B270 – Stable Isotope Lab, Simon Davis, 46544